Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay, this is  it...The 100th post! And it's about...itself!

Yep, my 100th post is about my 100th post. Or in other words, it's about nothing at all...except the fact that you now have until 11:59 pm (yep, that's tonight!) to enter my custom poem giveaway contest. All you have to do is leave the best song I've never heard in the comments section below.

As a sample of what you'll be getting, here are the first and final three verses of the last wedding poem I wrote. The middle verses (too many to list here) use material gleaned from family members to tell about the bride and groom's  lives. Some of those verses are funny and some are sentimental. (I like to begin and end the wedding poems on a serious note, but there's a lot of teasing and fun in the body of the poem.)

Tomorrow, X and X will tie the knot.
We’re here to celebrate their wedding day.
But first, we want to celebrate their lives,
and mark some milestones along the way.

What better time than now to introduce
the very pair that brought us here tonight?
As friends and family, here to share their joy,
we’re wishing them a future that is bright.

And every wish we make means that much more
when coupled with the story that is theirs.
So, thanks to both their moms, we’ll make them squirm…
and blush…and (why not??)…fidget in their chairs.

(skipping now to the end of the poem)

We end this night with wishes, hopes, and dreams––
expressed directly to the two of you.
Our wish is peace, wherever you may go.
Our hope is happiness in all you do.

Our dream for you is simple: Build your dream.
Create the life you truly want to live.
May every choice you make bring joy and faith.
May everything you choose, rich blessings give.

Tonight we honor you and lend our love
to yours as you prepare to pledge your hearts.
May you hold each vow sacred and receive
the priceless gifts that true marriage imparts.

Here's another type of custom poem, written for a girl who was graduating from high school:

X is a life force; she walks in the room
and the light and the climate start changing.
With all of her colors a rainbow looks drab,
and her talents are vast and wide-ranging.

She’s an artist. Creating’s like breathing for her.
It just happens; it’s involuntary.
Pencil, pen, charcoal, brush, needle, thread, words.....
She’s eclectic. And extraordinary!

But X is far more than her art; she’s a friend
to her parents, her siblings, and peers.
Relationships matter to X. She is known for
soft shoulders and listening ears.

She’s a gymnastic coach who may soon be a nanny.
(Those kids would be in for some fun!)
She can fix up some brownies or fix up a car.
Makes no difference.....She’ll get the job done.

In the future, she’s looking at fashion design––
or interiors.....even fine art.
With so much ability, sometimes it’s hard
to pick one thing that speaks to your heart.

But whatever she chooses, wherever she goes,
XX XX will make herself known.
Our love travels with her as she now embarks
on creating a life of her own.

Anyway, that gives you an idea of the prize.....

Thanks for playin'!



Natalie said...

Ohhh, so very EXCITING!! :)CONGRATS on hitting 100!!

emily said...

yay, happy 100th birthday! woot woot, let me again tell you the song i already entered b/c it's really THAT great
song: King Without a Crown
artist: Matisyahu
i totally mentioned your contest on my brother's blog today, along with the singer and song. did you read the post yet? you had to go to my brother's page comments to see what i wrote. so much fun, especially since we aren't really that close, but today we felt close. it was really great:-)

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