Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Blue Beanie Birthday Boys

November's always been a good month for me. I think I've already established here, probably ad nauseum, that Fall is my seasonal dream come true, and Thanksgiving happens to be my second favorite holiday. Getting the family together and sitting down for a turkey dinner is my idea of heaven, though cooking that dinner points a little more the other direction for me. All in all, however, November has treated yours truly pretty well.

Seven years ago last Monday, November got a whole lot better when my first grandchild, Jeremiah, hit the world. I think you can see for yourself that he is practically perfect in every way. Even his phenomenally few flaws are fabulous! (Hope you appreciate the alliteration, J!)

As if that weren't enough, six years later Bryce came along, a beautiful bundle of ball-bouncing baby boy who has made all of our lives a little brighter. (No favorites here, B. Alliteration all around!)

Literary devices aside, I am one proud grandma, and I just wanted to take this Sunday minute for a bevy of birthday bragging, boasting, and being blissful beyond belief that these two young men came my way. (Oops, eight more "B's.") The urge to alliterate and the urge to appreciate (grandkids) must be closely related.

I love you, guys!

And I love you, too, Carli. It's hard to be the unbirthday girl, but July is only a hop, skip, and a jump away.  :)

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Natalie said...

Such adorable boys! No wonder why you are a proud grandma. Makes me wish even more that we could live closer to my parents....I feel like they, and my children, are missing out on so much. And, I love the blue beanies!!!

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