Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Moment on the Lips...

A couple of weeks ago, I took the bit in my teeth (and the cookie out of my mouth) and joined Weight Watchers. On my first trip around this particular block, I was pregnant with my one and only daughter. I'm happy to report that we joined as a team this time as well, with the marked difference being that she is no longer in utero...for which we are both grateful.

In the interim period between my Weight Watchers memberships, I did manage to lose every single extra pound several times with Jenny Craig. Good ole Jenny's a great friend in the short run, but she can't seem to come through for me in the long haul. I mean, how many meat loaf dinners and salisbury steaks can a person eat, especially when they're served up on a tiny piece of black plastic masquerading as a plate? At some point, a woman's just gotta learn to feed herself!

Of course, I did feed myself when I was counting (and avoiding) carbs. The problem is that the feeding experience itself wasn't all that enjoyable. Again, how man turkey patties and chicken breasts can one carbohydrate-craving gal swallow?

The Zone? Not exactly a touchdown for me either. It did make me feel balanced, virtuous, and healthy...even somewhat satisfied! It didn't, unfortunately, make me thinner. In fact, I lost nary an ounce.

So here's my hypothesis. There has to be a way to lose the surplus pounds and never, ever find them again. I'm talking now about a game plan I could actually incorporate into my life without wanting to commit hari-kari...or murder. And that, my friends (I seem to be channeling John McCain now), is the goal I am pursuing.

I chose Weight Watchers because the flexible point system seems to be better than anything else I've tried. (Besides, I have a friend at church who has lost weight slowly but surely and seems to be keeping it off.) Unbeknownst to her, she has now become my prototype. Hi, Sheila.

The first week, I lost four pounds. (Salute me.) The second week? Zip. Zero. (Shoot me.) 


But wait! Hold your fire!...This isn't a diet; it's a live-it. And besides, nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. Nothing.

Terrific. Now I'm channeling my Weight Watchers leader. (Anybody got a rotten tomato?)


c1992, by Susan Noyes Anderson, Infinity Limited

They tell me
that I'm getting
"Dwindling away to
was the phrase.
Naturally, I love it
and it's going
to my head.
I get off on all the
second looks and
There's just
that mars my course.
I'm so
I could easily eat
a horse.


Kristin said...

Don't despair! On Biggest Loser they always plateau on the dreaded second week!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Just wanted to give you a ♥ Hug!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

P.S. Sure you can use the I ♥ comments button off my blog :) I am all about sharing :) Hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

emily said...

first off, of course i'll still be your blog friend even though you're a U fan (go cougars!!!), lol. yes, i'm not one of "those" Y fans that can't be friends with U fans;-)
i have also had many friends have success with weight watchers! you go girl! what is is about losing some one week and then being more committed the next without losing a pound. i hate that! have you thought about incorporating nie nie's vegetarian way of life? i've tried some of her recipes from that week she devoted to her vegetarian meals. so yummy.

Christine said...

The secret is really exercise...sure diet is something important in there, but exercise daily is really the key. It also moderates your food intake when you get into burning your calories. (I know you're thinking: "...But she's not thin!...not by a long shot!" I am back on my way again trying to get to the gym 5X week, Right stuff is $9/month..wanna join? I go in the evening when JP gets home but will have to go in the morning too.)

Sue said...

I've started walking briskly every day, which is about all I can manage physically due to some health issues. You rock on, though! (And I will cheer you from the sidelines...)

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