Sunday, November 23, 2008

Go, Utes!

I thought I'd give a shout out today to my alma mater, the University of Utah, for beating BYU handily, too. After the game, my husband was feeling pretty sassy about the whole thing, as was my son. In fact, both are anxiously awaiting church this morning, where they will be sporting their red U of U ties. Fortunately, I did manage to talk my husband out of the baseball cap he wanted to wear on the stand. (The one with the logo shown above.)

Of course, I was excited about the victory too, though I was never in danger of levitating or anything. In fact, I didn't even get to see the game, which wasn't televised on any of our cable stations. My husband and son did get to see it, because they called every sports bar in town until they finally found one that was playing the big game (annoyingly called a "Holy War" by the media).

Be that as it may, we're now hoping the U gets into a BCS bowl like the 2004-5 team did. That Utah team, if you remember, was the first ever from a non-BCS league to go to a BCS bowl game. The Utes defeated Pittsburgh (in the Fiesta Bowl) by three touchdowns or so, but ended up ranked only 4th...with an undefeated season...because they didn't get to play the team that would have proven something. (Waaaay TMI, I know, but I remember this vividly because my husband and our three sons were NOT happy.)

Did you know this little factlet about the U? In 2005 it was the only school ever to produce the top draft picks for both the NFL and the NBA in the same year. (Alex Smith for the SF 49ers and Andrew Bogut for the Milwaukee Bucks.) Pretty cool, huh?

No wonder my husband will always answer the query, "Who am I, sir?" with "A Utah man am I!" (Not that anyone ever queries him about that...)

PS. If you are a BYU fan, I want to take this opportunity to extend the olive branch of friendship by saying "better luck next year"! 

With every team but the Utes, of course!   =)

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