Sunday, June 23, 2013

Light Me Up

I haven't participated in Jenny's Saturday Centus for a while, so I thought I'd get back on track by responding to her picture prompt this week. I'm a little late because of a baby shower at my house that ended up lasting well into the afternoon (so much fun!), but now I'm ready and rarin' to go. Here's my take on lightning today...


Light Me Up
©2013 Susan Noyes Anderson

When lightning strikes, it calls to mind
the scintillation that I find
in all those buzz sparks you ignite
the moment you burst into sight.

Your voltage hits me like a brick,
lights me up like a candlestick,
leaves me glowing like the moon,
fries me like the sun in June.

What is this sizzle that you bring?
My head goes POP; my heart goes ZING.
My lips burn red; my blue eyes blaze,
and all the world's a fiery haze.

You're smokin' hot, and that's no lie,
a rocket booster to the sky.
A first-class hazard; that's for sure.
But I ain't lookin' for a cure.




Grandma Honey said...

When I'm around smokin' hot I don't want a cure either!

Gail said...

Well done!

Brian Miller said...

lit up like a candlestick...pop the sound effects....handle with care that first class cure needed...smiles.

Nancy said...

Amazing writing and I love the lightening image. Wow!

yaya said...

You cute little romantic you! Zing!

Dreaming said...

I love it! What a happy take on the picture!

karen said...

Ahh... you could apply the same sentiments to the fireworks we'll see in a couple of weeks. Nothing like watching the sky light up with the love of your life next to you!

Kris said...

Brilliant poem that I really enjoyed...clever, funny and perfect ! You have described my exact feelings for my own dear it !!!

BTW, thanks for alerting me about my linky mistake...Jenny has fixed it already ;)

SarahBeth said...

Woo, woo! Smokin'!

Other Mary said...

Ah, isn't that an amazing feeling? Love the song you paired with it too!

EG CameraGirl said...

AWE! Life is good! :))

Brian Miller said...

happy tuesday sue...smiles.

Stef said...

Ahhh lightening. When I think of lightening I think of my dad lying out on the trampoline watching the lightening storms that we get here in NM. I was a little scared, but if Dad wasn't, why should I be?

Viki said...

Sounds like someone's in love. Loved the "funny Valentine" nice touch.

Jenny said...

You are so clever!

I love how busy you are.

You are always doing something wonderful!

You're my hero, Miss Sue.

LeAnn said...

OMG this is a cute one. Personally, lightening isn't my favorite thing. In fact, I like to go hide under my covers then it starts. However, this poem is giving me a new look at lightening. This was very Romantic I would say.
Blessings and hugs!

Unknown said...

Wow! This is so beautiful. You are an amazing writer.

Have a lovely weekend.

Siggi in Downeast Maine said...

Nice take on the prompt..enjoyed reading it.