Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Service with a Smile

Seems like these photos are perfect for Leigh's Happiness Project this week. Why? Because working together for a common goal is the very best kind of happiness!

Each year, the LDS Church in California asks all of its 156 stakes to participate in a massive service effort to accomplish something great for their individual communities. This time around, my husband's young single adult ward, in cooperation with the rest of the members in our area, dedicated their energies to helping the local community college work on several tasks that its full-time groundskeepers haven't had time to accomplish. This is a large campus with an abundance of natural vegetation, so there was plenty to do. Seeing over 250 great people coming together to serve their community made me smile...Does it have the same effect on you?

 Just step right up... And sign in, please.

You just might get to prune some trees.

 This lovely guy will lead the way,

and tell you what to do today.

Just grab those rakes and trowels, my friends;

the joy of service never ends.

(It's even better, done with friends!)

This cool guy came, chainsaw in hand,

and this one joined our merry band.

My hubby, pictured on the right,

was bolstered by the happy sight

of willing helpers, tall and small,

who volunteered to give their all.

These lovely ladies donned their gloves

and this guy pushed his broom, because

they want our close community

to be the best that it can be.

So grab your spade, your axe, your hoe...

or maybe just your wheelbarrow...

and find a "service op" near you.

(Hey, you might score a hot dog, too!)

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karen said...

You're right - it did my heart good to see those pictures!

Tima said...

I love how your pictures depict everyone's joy.

Leovi said...

Yes, pretty pictures of happiness and collaboration. Greetings.

Brian Miller said...

very very cool...serving the community is a wonderful thing...and i always get back more than i can give...its great to see kids doing it too....they need to learn that as much as we...

EG CameraGirl said...

It's great to see so many people working together. It's especially nice to see so many smiles. :)

Grandma Honey said...

It's a wonderful feeling to know this very thing is going on all over the world. Or is it just the US? Whatever, that's a lot of people, and a lot of service!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I do get a big smile on my face seeing everyone coming together helping out for good causes.
Selfish me was thinking how great it would be to have all these wonderful people helping me out here on the North Forty. lol
One can dream can't they.
Great post and pictures.
Love ya

Kara Claflin said...

What a great event and way to work together helping out.

Dixie Mom said...


Karen Mortensen said...

Looks like fun. We had one here too. I have never raked so much in my life but it was fun.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a great way to serve!

Pondside said...

It looks like everyone had a grand time, and did some good!

Cheryl said...

This was such fun to read and "sea." Great photos mixed in with your poem of love and devotion. There's probably nothing quite as good as the feeling of having done something to help.

Friko said...

Many hands make short work, and it’s fun as well.

LeAnn said...

Oh Sue, that was such a cute poem along with the pictures. You are so good at this.
What an awesome service project our mission assigned Stake just completed one.
Happiness does come through service. I can testify to that one.
Blessings on this one, I loved it.

yaya said...

Our stake did this in our community a few years ago. We're the farthest Ward from the Stake center and it gave many people the opportunity to visit our small town. The Mayor and the city workers loved having all the free help to get the parks ready for Summer and the kids enjoyed it too...that was actually their youth conference for that weekend. They all stayed at the University and had a great dance one night too! Yours looks like a big success. I think service brings more happiness to those doing the serving than those receiving it! On another note..how is your Mom? I've emailed her but haven't heard back. I hope she's feeling OK and will blog one day again. Have a good weekend Sue!

Amy said...

What a great turn out you had. I loved the photo of that young family. What a great example those parents are setting for their kids. Those are very happy pictures.

Splendid Little Stars said...

so much fun when working with a group. fun and great accomplishments, too.

Kristin Klein said...

What a great project, you make it all look like fun!


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