Saturday, March 30, 2013

Til Death Do Us Part

Well, I just waved good-bye to a carload of our kids and grandkids, and I'm missing them already. Thank heavens for a bit of Saturday Centus distraction to ease the separation. (As always, the prompt is in red below, along with the 100 words Ms. Jenny allows us to add.)

My response comes from a tragic
 news story that headlined AOL today. 


Til Death Do Us Part
©2013 Susan Noyes Anderson

We met in Lompoc County, when a back road was the only way to get there. She was fifteen, bright as sunshine, walking straight toward me in that red dress with a crown of curls to match. Never thought she'd talk to a bumpkin like me, and I was right. Took three weeks of persuading before she'd ride out in my old pick-up; even then she wouldn't say much. Later I found out she was shy.

Couldn't believe my luck when she said yes. Never knew a sweeter bride, and she stayed that way. My Ginger did everything for me until the MS took over; then I did everything for her. I wanted to. Even this last thing.

Neither of us made any speeches. Our fingers entwined like ribbons of light, we said good-bye. 

Her eyes were smiling when I pulled the trigger.


Pretty heart wrenching, any way you look at it.
The true story can be read here.


Pondside said...

Oh my I wasn't expecting that. So very sad.

Sue said...

When I read the news story about it this morning, it really hit me. Such a tragic situation.


Gail said...

I can so relate with this...I'm crying again.

Grandma Honey said...

I hadn't even heard of that story so your ending made me gasp. Then I went to read it, and thank goodness that man was not put in jail. Thank goodness the judge showed mercy towards him.

jen said...

Unlike your other readers, I have been all too familiar with this story. Arizona has been supporting him and his family ever since he was arrested, and I can think of no greater gift than what his son said--"my dad is my lifelong hero." I hope I never have to walk a mile in these shoes, but if I do, I know there is a Judge who is merciful and kind and knows all.

Happy Easter, my friend.

yaya said...

I have seen patients in situations like this who would also choose the same outcome. I'm so glad he was given mercy from the court and love from the family. Probably the same outcome from our loving Heavenly Father.

lissa said...

sad but sweet.

thanks for visiting my SC. have a great day.

Dixie Mom said...

So sad!! Off to read the story.

Karen S. said...

Oh my gosh, I missed that story, well almost, it is very tragic indeed. You brought a glimmer of hope through all the darkness with highlighting the forever love from first they met, until the end. Your story had to work with the prompt at the end, no other way to do it right.

Aurora Hylton said...

MS is a horrible disease. As an aide for many years (now an LPN) i have seen it rob people of everything.

Anonymous said...

Really Good!Sad. Liz

Viki said...

Lovely story. I was heartbroken reading the news accounts of this. His love for his wife was truly boundless. I hope he can come to terms with it.

Amy said...

That story is so tragic and beautiful all in one. I love the way you wrote it. I feel for the whole family. What do you do in a situation like that?!

Kris Osage said...

Nicely written Sue...a bittersweet treatment of a devastating situation!!!

Jenny said...

Crying here.

Just crying.

Man, Sue.

This is heart ripping.

And such an act of love and compassion.

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