Monday, January 28, 2013

Dark Side of the Stars

I'm a little late with the Saturday Centus this week, but I couldn't resist Jenny's combined picture AND word prompt (in red, below). We are expected to use both to tell a story in 106 words or less.


Love has an underbelly.
(Yes, my darling, even ours.)
There beneath the hearts and flowers
lie the burrs and scars.

No passion worth its while escapes
a wound that pierces deep.
Love makes promises...too many
 promises to keep.

Life diffuses black-and-white
to marbled shades of grey.
Love is perfect; love is kind...
Love has feet of clay. 

So gather every tender glow
like fireflies in jars,
and light the sky as proof against
the dark side of the stars.



jen said...

Only a long love could write such wisdom. This may be my all-time favorite.

Bethe77 said...

Just beautiful! A love that has lived long with up and downs that has given such wisdom

Karen S. said...

I too couldn't resist Jenny's prompt- it screams of depth- waiting to be shed across our blogs! ...and Sue, yours reaches into my own thoughts- sweetly and bitterly honest-and at the same time enlightening as well!

EG CameraGirl said...

I love how you've compared gathering every tender glow to fireflies in a jar. Absolutely wonderful, Sue!

Annmarie Pipa said...

fabulous writing ....AGAIN!!!!!

yaya said...

So beautiful. I think many times people don't let relationships..marriages.. stay long enough to get through the bad times.

Brian Miller said...

ah a bit of truth in does leave scars...and we hurt the ones we love...though hopefully it gives us a reason to have fun making up...smiles.

Stef said...

A gift, I tell ya. That is what you have!

karen said...

And that's the trick of it - to gather enough light to offset the dark. It's bittersweet at times, but with enough hard work and devotion, you taste the sweet much more often than the bitter. But like fireflies' light, it's fleeting if you don't keep gathering.

Viki said...

I always love your poems so much. You are a very talented poet.

Kristin Klein said...

I'm going to remember the "fireflies in jars" analogy . . . it just sounds romantic :) But all is lovely!


Anna M said...

Inspiring. This. This group of words is something every couple should consider through the hopefully long years of love.

LeAnn said...

Just lovely and I enjoyed every bit of this one. You just amaze me.
Blessings and hugs to upi!

Darlene said...

Only you could do one like this. I think Stef has captured my feeling to a "T"

Amy said...

Oh how I love this. It is so profound and sweet, especially the bit about the hurts and scars. So very true.

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