Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Annuit Coeptis

Pardon me while I wax pedantic... ;)

Tess has given us an interesting prompt this week, and my response is an admittedly heavy-handed poem for which I apologize in advance. That said, one of the uses of a personal blog is venting, right? And I can't be the only blogger who is fed up with spending money like it grows on trees while pretending our massive national debt can be remedied by relatively painless measures. Who's kidding whom? This is not an easy fix.

I dislike owing money to other people. I dislike owing money to other countries, too, especially those who don't have my best interests at heart. Spending money we don't have and printing money we can't support is a game our nation can't win. That's why I'm looking for serious budget cuts in 2013––and representatives who aren't afraid to make them. I'm ready for politicians on both sides of the aisle (and the center, too) who are willing to take a stand for fiscal responsibility, even when it's not popular. 

Self-interest trumps our country's interests far too often in Washington. We need to see our elected representatives negotiating with more determination, letting go of partisanship in favor of loyal citizenship to accomplish the work they were elected to do. (Of course, we must hold up our end of things as well, by being willing to make our own sacrifices and concessions to the cause of fiduciary responsibility. After all, we the people are partisans, too, and should claim our half of the problem.) There's plenty of self-interest to go around. 

Annuit Coeptis
©2012 Susan Noyes Anderson

"God has favored our undertakings,"
states Annuit Coeptis.
But maybe He's fed up with our
fiduciary sepsis.

Money can empower us, or
money can destroy.
Greed masquerades as need. Misspent,
its lucre reaps no joy.

Once, Novus Ordo Seclorum 
declared our country's start.
Deep tenets grew this nation strong;
deep roots lie at her heart.
These roots have held us steady,
grounded us, set us apart.

Remember who our fathers were.
Remember what they wrought.
Cherish liberty, the prize
for which our fathers fought.
Know that freedom has a price,
and yet, cannot be bought.

"Liberty exists in proportion to wholesome restraint." 
Daniel Webster

"Shame on the men who can court exemption from present 
trouble and expense at the price of their own posterity's liberty." 
Samuel Adams

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Gail said...

Never apologize for the truth especially when it is told so very well.

yaya said...

Bravo! Very well said and I agree. I do hope for a brighter future. We'll find out in a few weeks..or perhaps more like a few years. Now, let us pray.

Brian Miller said...

hey you will get my vote...i am fairly fed up with a lot right now...our spending...what about how much is being spent to take the office right now..craziness...or all the idiots coming out of the woodwork...trumps offer, just zany stuff people are saying...what are we devolving to? way back in the day george washington said politcal parties would be th undoing of the US....matter of fact i am adding that quote to my post tomorrow...

anitamombanita said...


Laraine Eddington said...

Desperate times call for strong language. Excellent!

Noodle said...

I think your poem is superb! (Just dropped in from Salsa Pie)
Bless you!

Mumsy said...

Fantastic poem, Ms. Sue, and well said!

I haven't a slightest idea on which candidate to go for at the moment..

Myrna Foster said...

I'm with you on this. The only debt we carry is for our home. Debt makes me uneasy. I especially love the quote at the end.

~T~ said...

True and well written! Great poem.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - I think you are absolutely right about all of this an the points about restraint - I would not underestimate the cost of two wars that were not paid for on a current basis. Also, my concern is that austerity has not worked very well in Europe - all the austerity budgets have just quashed any growth. So I kind of think that restraint may also need to be coupled with some additional revenue as I fear that the debt cannot only be paid for by restraint (without putting a deep brake on the economy.) I understand that the rates being resisted so hotly are the Clinton year rates, where the economy did pretty well and there were surpluses. That doesn't sound so bad to me! But I know people have very different views. I just think that the approach has to be balanced, it can't all come from restraints - and fewer wars would definitely help.

Thanks. k.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - I don't mean to rant or be pedantic myself. I understand your point of view and agree about the dangers of the debt. Right now we have such low interest rates, that the interest is not a big deal, but of course, that could change. What concerns me is that many in Congress particularly make a big deal about the debt, but do nothing to come to any resolution as to how to resolve it! Which of course you address. k.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We avoid debt at my house. Thankfully we have been able to do that.

Annmarie Pipa said...


karen said...

Great job - very well said. And I like what Brian said: too bad all of the money spent on campaigning couldn't be put to better use. Only a few more weeks, and we'll see what happens. Yep, prayer is definitely in order.

Karen S. said...

Absolutely right!

Kutamun said...

Yes i loved this Sue, we are like strange savages worshipping various parts of a crashed spaceship which we no longer know how to build or operate ! Wandering like children among the detritus

Kathe W. said...

spot on Sue! we're all in this together- I have truly resented those who thought borrowing money from CHina to fight another enemy was a good idea......what a waste of lives and filthy lucre. And what kind of mess are we leaving for future generations.

Karen Sue said...

I am so tired of those who don't work, wanting to be given more...not those who can't work or those who have in their time worked, but those who just don't want to...and I'm glad to see that layaway is back at some stores, because that is so much better than use it for 2 years and then think about paying...or don't even think of saving up, but just get it today and keep paying long after it is shiny. There are a few times that makes sense, but not much. Open your wallet...are your bills paid?? do you have enough for next week? you can spend what's in there... if not, wait for another week.. month.. year. You might not even want it then.

Amy said...

I think it is sad that "I promise to lower taxes" is something that would sway people to vote. I agree with you, there is no way we as a country can get out of debt without we as a people doing something about it! What a great country that we live in where we can all have a say or vote in what happens, but goodness, why can't the people in office be more responsible? There were quite a few people in my area who were running for office who said they were in a position to be in office without taking a salary for their work. They would take their salary and put it back into the economy which really impressed me. I love the movie Dave. He got his friend, a run of the mill accountant to go to the White house and figure out how to fix the budget. Why can't we do that for reals?!

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