Saturday, May 19, 2012

Smoke Gets in your Eyes

Jenny's changing it up for our Saturday Centus today with a picture prompt in lieu of words. I always like it when she throws a curve ball! Today, we're supposed to make some sense of it in 100 words flat.


Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
©2012 Susan Noyes Anderson

It was more than a hobby.
She used her camera to control life.
If she could catch it on paper,
maybe she wouldn’t have to run away from it.
And maybe she could believe there was magic there.
Mystery and magic, both.
And not just mischief. Or malevolence.
It was all revealed. The good, the bad, the ugly.
(Her kids would say the “fugly,” but she was above that.)
A smile crossed her lips and touched her eyes.
Click. Click. Got it.
{smoke clouds hide sunny skies}



Karen S. said...

I just hate it when anything covers up sunny skies! Another lovely poem, by you! I'm not happy about why the picture was taken, but I do enjoy writing off Jenny's picture prompts. It's been since her meaty Christmas tree I think! Wow! Enjoy your weekend!

Karen Mortensen said...

To repeat myself again. Wow.

karen said...

Interesting prompt. And your take is, as always, perfect.

Judie said...

This is really an excellent take on the prompt, Sue, and one we rarely think about. You are sooo smart!!!!

Christine said...

fun read :)

Eva Gallant said...

An interesting take...not what I would have expected. I like it!

anitamombanita said...

Funny that we both used the same title. And of course, immediately the song came into my mind too. Nice take on the prompt. I should have thought of that!!

Gail said...

Oh, my word! Your words are amazing.

Naila Moon said...

ha ha-I like your take on this one! It always stinks when the clouds cover the sunshine.
~Naila Moon

rmannell said...

The character is a kindred spirit. I see magic in the taking and processing of photos. :)

Annmarie Pipa said... interesting poem for an interesting!

Jo said...

it's so sad to see smoke enveloping the sky ... such a shame ... brilliant take on the prompt Sue!

Cheryl said...

I feel this one deep in my bones.

Amy said...

You are fantastic! As always.

yaya said...

I think people can hide behind those smoke clouds...Sometimes making their life about the trick of using smoke and mirrors to mask the reality of what's going on each day. It's getting behind that smoke and facing the sun that makes life worth living.

Ames said...

The camera doesn't lie. That is a one wicked picture.~Ames

Caroline said...

Sue, you are a brilliantly talented writer and your command of words never ceases to amaze me.

This was just great.

Brian Miller said...

if only we could control life you knwo...capture it through a lense to hold it...proof...maybe...


Grandma Honey said...

Sometimes I feel like I use a camera to control my life too :)

Jenny said...

This was soooo NOT a fugly post!


I always try to comes the sun... matter how cloudy things seem!

Loved this!

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