Friday, January 6, 2012

Grandma Doesn't Live Here Anymore

When my children were much younger, I wrote a number of children's stories in poetic form. At the time, I wanted to write and publish children's picture books, and it was fun to have a goal that kept me going creatively when they were little. Out of that period came a lot of full length story poems, but no publications in book form. (I did manage to get a couple accepted to magazines like Lollipops and such.) Sadly, this one never seemed to land anywhere, yet it is one of my favorites. That's why it felt right to let it land right here my blog...on Memory Lane.

Grandma Doesn't Live Here Anymore
© 1990 Susan Noyes Anderson

My grandma doesn’t live here anymore.
She left the earth and moved far, far away.

I wonder if she flew through space to get there;
and did it take her long, or just one day?

I wonder if she likes the place she’s gone to.
Before I sleep, I look up at the sky...

And whisper, “Do you see the moon like I do?”
Do all the stars still twinkle in your eye?”

I climb up on my bed and turn the pages
of fairy tales my grandma used to tell.

Some nights I still pretend she’s reading to me.
Don’t let the bedbugs bite,” she says. “Sleep well!”

When morning comes, I look up at the white clouds
and see a sailing ship, a bear, a face.

My gran and I would lie down on the green grass;
and, oh, how many pictures we would trace!

Do you think she still sees the clouds like I can?
Could she be close enough to touch them now?

I wonder if she fluffs them up for pillows, or
uses them for cotton balls somehow.

Does she still make a wish on every rainbow?
I do. I’d like to take a rainbow ride.

I bet if I could climb up and slide down one,
I’d find her waiting on the other side.

I know she’s out there somewhere, that’s for sure.
Some days I really miss her, then I cry.

It’s almost like she puts her arms around me
and says, “We’ll be together, by and by.

And I feel warm inside because I know
I’m going to see my gran again someday.

She gave me clouds, a sailing ship and rainbows,
the moon, and all the stars to light my way.


Joyful Noise said...

Wow! Phenomenal! Got me bawling here. My three grand-kids moved out this week (which is wonderful!) but I do miss them. You have a wonderful gift. Thank you.

karen said...

Very sweet. And comforting to a small child (or a big one like me)!

likeschocolate said...

This is beautiful Sue! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Donna said...

So, so touching, Sue!! (A little tear here as I read it) I've felt that way since I was a grown up kid and lost my beloved grandmother at 50! Very thought provoking and comes from the soul and I can tell why it is one of your favorites!!

Darlene said...

This is a very sweet one, Sue. I can't imagine why none of those magazines picked it up. You illustrated it very well too. I love the way you can find just the right picture to go with your beautiful lines.

Did you have my mother in mind a little bit when you wrote this? She would have loved it to. She loved you so much Sue and she used to marvel at your intelligence when it showed up so early in your life. You were 13 when she died so you have lots of good memories of her. I miss her every day and have to laugh to think I am two years older than she was when she died. She has been wih with in spirit all these years, so I am sure she will recognize her "baby".

Cherie said...

Very sweet and warm. It would make a wonderful book.

Sue said...

I actually never submitted this one to magazines, Mom. I always thought it was more suited to a little book.


yaya said...

It brought back memories of my Grandma who lived a long life. We were very close. She always would ask me if I was still dating "that boy with the curly hair"...She stopped after Jack and I married! She met all my children and could remember their names even though I lived in another state and only saw her a few times a year. This book is so sweet and would sure be a comfort to a child who loses a Grandparent.

Anonymous said...

Sue this is priceless!!!

Brian Miller said...

i will never forget my son telling his cousins that gramma looked like sleeping beauty as she lay there...this was beautiful sue

anitamombanita said...

very sweet. I can see why this is a favorite!

Connie said...

That story SHOULD be published! It's very meaningful and comforting. Got me a little misty and I tried not to cry - the background music didn't help any!

Terra said...

Oh Sue you need to keep trying, this is just PRECIOUS!!!!

lil red hen said...

Beautiful!! This needs to be read to little ones for sure!

Karen Mortensen said...

That is so beautiful. It gave me chills and a little bit of tears in my eyes.

Eva Gallant said...

Oh that was lovely! A wonderfully told story!

Lisalulu said...

beautiful and as you see by the other comments it takes us all back to a memory of our grandmother. ah the sign of grea good story/poem

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

AWESOME! You could've written this about my mom for me. I read it and thought of her the entire way through. Perfection, my friend....ABSOLUTE perfection. You should self-publish this as a children's book.

Happy New Year, Sue!!

PⒿ @ $ € € ₦$ ₣®0₥... said...

Thanks for being such a supportive friend for the past month!! xo

Ames said...

I love this Sue. I would love to have that for my own grandchildren.

Grandma Honey said...

That is darling, Sue. Were you thinking of your own Grandma? You must have had a very special relationship.

Kristin said...

Lovely! What a wonderful place to publish it now - I hope little ones and grannies everywhere enjoy it :)


sarah said...

As I was reading this post, I heard some music. When I placed the headset on my head, all of a sudden, tears trickled down and I did not even care to wipe them.

My kids grew up with my mom. Though I seldom visit her, I burned the lines each time I talk to her over the phone. I have to admit , I do not know what I am going to do when it is time for her to go.

Thank you for wonderful post and for the inspiration we find each time we drop by your blog.

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