Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Centus: A Review

I'm going to a women's conference today, but I couldn't miss the chance to jump on board with a highly interesting "shake-up" assignment from Jenny Matlock. Today, rather than write mini-fiction or poems ourselves, we've been asked to review someone else's offering from last week. I have chosen a poem by Rinkly Rhymes, entitled "April Showers." Here it is, for your perusal and enjoyment. My review of Rinkly's work, which follows her verse, will be in red.

APRIL SHOWERS by Rinkly Rhymes

I remember the tide of optimism; Summer was on its way.
Winter was receding; April heralded May.
As a girl I felt the sap rising higher, ever higher
As though everything in Nature was working to conspire
Against greyness, cold and lethargy, against discipline and school!
Then, every year it seemed the same, I became an April Fool;
While my heart was singing Summer songs down came the April Showers,
Battering the brave young leaves, decapitating flowers!
'Not yet!' the showers seemed to say; 'You still have a way to go.
Don't you feel a little chilly? We may even turn to snow!'
Was it good for my soul, maybe, to cope with disappointment,
When Summer made a date with me and then missed the appointment?
June, July and August still waved a beckoning finger,
But Winter kept a strangle-hold, determined it must linger.
And yet, that very fickleness was part of the Springtime joy.
Yes, April could be tantalising, teasing us, being coy.
But here, in another country, where Springtime just strolls in,
Where hardly anything marks the time when the warmer months begin,
I remember April Showers with a rush of real affection
And my heart is on a journey in a Northerly direction.

The Review, by yours truly:

This poetic personification of nature by Ms. Rhymes will resonate with any reader who has experienced the melange of expectation, disappointment, and lingering memory that is part of every season in life, personal or weather-related. Who hasn’t felt the “tide of optimism” summer brings, the literal and figurative “sap rising higher” of winter’s end, only to become an “April Fool” as newly flowering hope is decapitated? Spring’s rush of anticipation is both stranglehold and joy: beckoning at first, then dashed by a tantalizing fickleness that teases and pleases in turn––the essence of opposition in all things, a perfect dichotomy.

As the poet implies, such richness is far better remembered than surrendered.



anitamombanita said...

Good on ya, Sue. When I read this week's "assignment", I thought, 'oh my gosh'...not easy, not easy. Nicely done. Enjoy the conference!

jfb57 said...

Wonderful review of a very emotive poem. Well done Sue - another great Centus!

Donna said...

It resonates here, Sue....only too true! Yesterday was sunny and warm. Today is cold, windy and extremely rainy. Tomorrow is rain mixed w snow...melange of weather!

Dazee Dreamer said...

poetry is so hard to write and she did a great job.

Nice review.

Judie said...

Excellent review, Sue! One poet reviewing another! Great post! said...

I really enjoyed this poem also. Your review is poetic as well.

Ames said...

Well written review Sue! For me Fall always makes me melancholy, so I can relate to the "tide of optimism summer brings, the literal and figurative sap rising at winter's end"

Very moving.~Ames

Darlene said...

I did enjoy reading this. It's interesting to note that there really are other poets, other than Susan Noyes Anderson. She is good too. Your review was great too. I still felt the poets words in it. I love your take on this.

Hope you did enjoy your conference. We had ours not too long ago and I was unable to go. I can't even remember why, but I heard it was really good. One of the sisters that spoke was the Food Nanny from BYU channel. I always miss the good ones.

Renegades said...

Enjoy your conference.

Jo said...

masterfully done Sue!

Nonna Beach said...

Very well done Sue ! In very few words, you captured the essense of this work. Poetry is one of the beauties of this world and a talented few do it well. Ms. Rymes constantly amazes me with her intricate and lovely compositions !

Tgoette said...

Sue you did a wonderful job with your review! Who better than a great poet herself to review such a fine example of poetry. Kudos!

Jingle said...

Awards for you, thanks for the support!

Bless your talent.

Happy Saturday!


divine poetry,

join us if you wish at Sunday........

Grandma Honey said...

Being a poet yourself, I trust your judgment of this.

I've always thought it's interesting how weather and life in general have so many parallels.

cj Schlottman said...


Your review was as fine as the piece you were reviewing! I so agree with both Rinky and you that the seasons pass through us, shape our behavior, our hopes, our anticipations. Thanks for this one.


yaya said...

I enjoyed the spoke to my very core this spring day! Great review also. Hope your conference was good, we have one in May. Have a great week!

Amy said...

What a lovely poem! Your review was spot on!

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

Great review, Sue. It was interesting to read one poet's review of another poet's work! Writing is not a gift that comes naturally to me, so I am completely fascinated with how the mind of a writer works. You are really great observers, I think. At the most basic level, that's the best way I know how to describe it.

Anna said...

Good review of Brenda Bryant's lovely poem. I chose to write my review of "April Showers" too. It's interesting to see how two different people write about the same poem.
Since I am behind, I have combined three posts [weeks 48, 49 / 50] with this "Shake-up"-post.
Best wishes,
Anna's SC-48-49-50

Anna said...

Thanks for visiting Sue! You are first commenter!

Rekha said...

This is a beautiful review, the author would be proud. :)

Jenny said...

Ummm....melange of expectation.


Obviously an incredible talent like yourself would write an incredibly poetic review.

This was amazing Sue. I am going to have to get my thinking hat on now to challenge you for sure. Week 52 is gonna have to a doozy.

Sending Easter blessings and hugs your way!

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