Thursday, June 3, 2010

T is for Tooth Extraction (and a Distraction)

Yesterday, I took my son to the oral surgeon to have his impacted wisdom teeth removed. Not much fun for him, I'm sorry to say.

However, in the midst of his travail was proof positive that no suffering goes unrewarded. Or maybe I should say unpunished. Yes, my friends. I am talking about the office decor...the centerpiece of healing, so to speak.

What say you? Floral island in a sea of despair?

Or proof positive that some decorators are VSP?
(very scary people)

Of course, it's just possible that this rising obelisk of botanic wonder provides a sacred conduit for bliss and the restoration of chi.

But I kinda doubt it.

This T post brought to you by Jenny Matlock and Alphabe-Thursday.


karen said...

I've seen worse... much worse. Ihope your son is feeling better. HINT: Colonel Sanders mashed potatoes and gravy and a chocolate shake are just the thing after wisdom teeth are yanked. I'll never forget how good they tasted. I may have been delirious, but I'll never forget it.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

I agree, definitely odd looking. I'd be afraid it might fall on my head if I sat in one of the chairs underneath!
I remember when I had my impacted wisdom teeth removed. No fun at all!
Glad he is okay!

Sue said...

Oh, you are so smart, Karen. He is dying for some real food, and I didn't even think of mashed potatoes. I am going to get some, right now!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Just the title of your post made me cringe in pain. lol
Hope your son is better today and is over the pain of both the extraction and the waiting area. lol
Sue your post always delight me so one of these days your just going to have to break down and be a Blogazine guest for me so everyone can enjoy you like I do

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! That could have been no fun at all for your son. I hope that he is recovering well.

I would say the placement of the plant is not the best. Wonder how many tall people have bumped their head? Hugs

Jackie said...

So my questions is, were you subtle about taking those pictures or did you just go for it?

Snarky Belle said...

Jackie's comment just made me laugh out loud! Can't wait for the answer to her question. Hope your son has a speedy recovery, and that Karen's mashed potatoes help.

I have to say that just might be the strangest arrangement (is it an arrangement?) I've ever seen.

And lastly, this made my teeth hurt!! Still have my wisdom teeth. I can't find (and I'm perfectly ok with this) an oral surgeon willing to touch them because the roots have twisted themselves around the mandibular nerves!! Ughhh...see why this made my teeth hurt. :(

Karen Mortensen said...

Poor guy. Having to go through all that in an unpleasant room. They need to be on that show called My Tacky House.

Jamie said...

Just reading the title made my teeth hurt. I never had mine out, so I can't commiserate. I'll be looking for follow up posts so I know what to do when my kids have theirs out! As to the floral arrangement, it looks like something I might have done, and that's never a good sign!

Sue said...

The answer to Jackie's question:

I used no subtlety at all in photographing this atrocity.

I just "went for it."


VK said...

There are so many distractions on the internet, we could join all the Tuesday and Thursday clubs and have a blast.
Cute dental facility.

Darlene said...

Wierd, wierd, wierd. That's all I can say about that reception room. Surely Todd didn't have to be in that room for long. I too hope he is feeling better by now.

I am not looking forward to my little dental surgery session Monday. I have to have my implant implanted for the third time. Even though he is putting it in a new place, I'm still a little worried about it. Todd and I will have to commiserate with each other.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It is an interesting furniture arrangement. I guess they don't want patients to talk to each other.

Viki said...

OMG,it looks terrible. Good thing you weren't blinded by looking at the decor and had the presence of mind to take a picture LOL. Hope your son is feeling good. I had my wisdom teeth removed and it WAS HORRIBLE ;-)

Karen said...

You would think with what you pay to have said teeth out the dentist could afford a better decorator!!

I am glad you WENT for it with the pictures!

Hope your son heals fast, no straws!!!

Jess said...

That truly is horrible- and I'm not interior designer by anyone's standards. I hope you son was blissfully unaware as his wisdom teeth were removed, and that he recovers quickly!

Jill said...

Sorry, but that is so ugly, it's hysterical! And who wants to sit in the middle of the room in a circle!? Good thing you took pictures or I never would have believed it was that bad!

Taco Bell makes good soft refried beans. My boys all requested those after their extractions.

Sue said...

Another great idea, Jill...soft, refried beans! Perfect.


PS. And, honestly, it was all I could do not to laugh out loud when I saw this monstrosity.

Anna said...

Your poor son. Impacted "teeth", you say. How many? I hope they only removed two teeth on the same side of his face. My nieces had four wisdom teeth extracted at the same time. Both sides. They could not eat for a week.

My grandfather, who was a dentist and oral surgeon, would have NEVER done that to his patients.

I'm sorry, I can't get past the tooth extraction to see the plant in the waiting room.

Give your son a big hug from me.
Best wishes,

Anna's Ts

Jenny said...

Oh Sue, your poor, poor son...having to get his teeth pulled and endure that waiting room.

Yea. Ummm.... that plant is scary...maybe it needs to be in the office of a guy pushing the little blue pills.


OK, that was a bad, bad remark.

And I'm sorry. Sort of!

Thanks for such a fun stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "T"!

You are terrific!


Jenny said...

Please tell your son to hang in there and follow those doctors orders. No fun at all!

Nishant said...

That could have been no fun at all for your son. I hope that he is recovering well.
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Michelle said...

"Of course, it's just possible that this rising obelisk of botanic wonder provides a sacred conduit for bliss and the restoration of chi."

If I actually kept track of such things, this would go down in my top-ten list of favorite sentences from the great world of blogging.


I was hoping the benefit in disguise was going to come in some sort of yummy soft food ds and you enjoyed together.

I send my empathy to your son. I was miserable after my wisdom teeth ordeal.

Melinda Cornish said...

poor guy......there is nothing worse....that is some weird centerpiecie in the dentist too....

Julie Schuler said...

That is a weird configuration. Hope your son can eat.

Anna said...

Dear Sue,
Thank you for visiting my T-post. I see that you are a writer yourself. That makes your kind words about my translation mean that much more.

Jesse said...

I hope your son is feeling better by now, I also took my 8 year-old cousin to the Myrtle Beach dentists to get his tooth extracted since it is already giving him extreme pain. The procedure was pretty short and not so painful, and I gave him a reward after all that.

I remember the last tooth extraction that I've had, pulling my wisdom tooth out felt terribly painful, but the feeling of something that gives you difficulty in eating having been removed makes me totally happy.

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