Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dancing with the Stars: Say What?

Okay, I'm just going to lay it on the line here. The Dancing with the Stars results this week were a travesty! Can anyone out in blog land explain to me how Warren was in any way better than Cody? And while you're in the explaining mode, what exactly is it about Warren that makes the judges show him such favoritism? Sure, he's a great guy, and I agree that it's kinda cute the way he dances with so much enthusiasm, but let's get real. The guy moves his feet like two lead bricks.

Is it a personality thing? Because if it's personality they're judging these days on DWTS, Cody seems like a pretty nice kid himself. What's more, his little puppy dog face is every bit as "cute" as Warren's wide-eyed charm (not that I am particularly fond of either, by the way). Having said that, I AM particularly fond of this idea: How about judging the competition on the merit of the dances? What a concept!

Here's my take on it. Cody and Julianne did two top-notch performances Monday night (including their paso doble, by the way, which I completely loved and the judges even more completely hated). So what's the deal with these judges, anyhoo? Are they: 
(1) significantly impaired? (2) incredibly biased? (3) on the take?

If Warren wins the final next week, I'll be putting my money on number 3.


trublubyu said...

this is my first visit to your blog. and i gotta totally agree with you.

sad to see cute little cody go, but then, i think the competition is really between lance and brook. cody and warren can't compete compared to these two. what do you think? enjoy the finale next week!

*MARY* said...

I haven't watched a single episode this season. Mostly because I didn't know who any of the "stars" were.

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