Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Siblings are Simply Spectacular


This picture of my siblings and me, minus my camera-shy big sis (photo-shopped out because she doesn't like face-time on the internet) sits in a prominent place (big sis included) in my home office. Above it, I have inserted the following words:  

"Some friends love you the best in life and some love you the worst, 
But no one loves you quite so well as those who loved you first."

How true this is, or at least it should be. I realize there are families whose brotherly and sisterly bonds are weak or even non-existent, and my heart goes out to them for what they are missing. My own siblings are scattered far and wide, but I know that if I ever really needed hands-on assistance, any one or all of them would be here as fast as trains, planes, boats or automobiles could take them. This is a blessing in my life that I do not take for granted.

I guess most of you know that I am a devoted fan of Cjane (see the large yellow button near my blog list at the right). The reason I relate to her so strongly is because of her devotion to her sister, Stephanie (NieNie Dialogues). In fact, all of the Clark (Nie and Cjane's maiden name) brothers and sisters are working together as one to get their sister through what has to be the biggest crisis in her life. Burned over 80% of her body, Stephanie is fighting to get well, and her siblings are fighting at her side by taking care of her four small children, as well as rallying emotional and financial support throughout the blogosphere and beyond. It's quite remarkable, and I love to see and read about it.

In addition to just "being there" in hard times, siblings help you stay grounded. When I feel off kilter, the best thing I can do is touch base with that good-looking group at the top of my blog. Being with them helps me remember who I am, because they remember who I am. Our shared history makes me feel centered, even when my legs have been knocked out from under me. I feel safe and secure in their presence. I also feel known, loved and understood, which helps me to know, love and understand myself.

Yep, siblings are the best thing ever...simply spectacular. (Especially mine!) 

P.S. Now check out the other pics at the top of this post...the younger crowd, so to speak. A whole new generation of siblings is on the rise. Pretty cool.


Heather Anderson said...

LOVE this!

Our family chaos said...

I love this post about siblings. what would we do without them?

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