Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Outlet Shopping, Hold the Dropping

This jacket actually makes me look marginally sleek and slenderish.
(I know. It's a miracle!)

Not bad for a day's work, eh?
(Ryan is a good shopping partner. 'Twas he who found the jacket!)

I want to say that my second son and I shopped till we dropped at the outlets yesterday, but guess what? No dropping! In fact, nary even a near drop. Sore feet, yes. One low blood sugar episode, sure. (Overdid my insulin dose a bit, but a few lemon drops turned the tide.) And a stiff back toward the end of the evening was quickly remedied by dinner at Applebee's, which jacked up my blood sugar a little too much, thanks to a piece of sizzling apple pie that I should have resisted. (At least I didn't get the decadent-doesn't-even-begin-to-describe-it chocolate cake my son wolfed down!) But, oh, was I jealous! I bet that thing was 3,000 calories at least!! (Okay, true confessions. We shared the spinach and artichoke dip at the beginning of the meal, too.) I know. It's bad. And don't worry, Mom, I hardly EVER eat so many carbs. Honest. Extreme shopping makes a girl feel entitled to foods she would not otherwise consider. *sigh*

We did get LOTS of good stuff, though. I scored mostly Christmas presents for the fam and one very cute brown "swing" jacket for moi, but Ryan laid down a fair portion of his bonus for what amounted to nearly a new work wardrobe. Apparently, one of his main audits has gone "dressy," and He-Who-Loves-To-Shop made the most of it. (Banana Republic may have just recouped all of last year's losses!) Great deals, though.

Best of all, of course, was the company. How did I manage to get so lucky as regards my children? Whoever marries this guy is going to be constantly entertained; that's all I can say. And well cared for, too. (He was very cute with me during the blood sugar thing.)

All in all, it was a pretty glorious day.



Ryan said...

All those things you said about me are very true. :)

karen said...

I just love men who will shop with me (and LaMar is a really good shopper!) How fun that your son will shop with you - I love spending time with my kids in any way I can - and since they mostly live far away, I don't get to do it often enough!

Heather Anderson said...

Sounds like a FUN day... I cannot remember the last time I shopped all day like that:)

Darlene said...

What a great guy is Ryan. Good thing he isn't conceited. No, he is humble in every way. I love that he found that neat jacket for you....and, sometimes one just have to have a few extra carbs. All in all it sounded like a perfect day.


KC Mom said...

Wow! Sounds like fun! I'm not very good at shopping so I'm always so tired afterwards! I'm a wimp!

Jill said...

Oh I hear you with the outlet shopping. My husband asked me just this morning what I want to do on our anniversary next month. I told him outlet shopping! It's worth the 2 1/2 hour drive.
Oh I miss having sons to shop with!

em said...

holy smoke-ez sue! the bags, i dream of that many bags lined up!!! the tradition in my house growing up was go shopping, walk in the door with all of your loot, and show each item off to dad (who had to sit on the couch and look eagerly interested). i make sean take that role now...although, the shopping for clothes has been halted for a good 6 months now. we are in "try to make the loan money last until sean gets a job" mode!

Heather Anderson said...

Ryan is such a cutie :)

Respectfully Submitted,

Matthew D. Anderson

Fiauna said...

My husbands my good shopping buddy. He always finds the best things.

Sue said...

You're lucky, Fiauna. Mine tends to think I will look good in things that don't suit me at all. (But I guess that's a good thing, right? He still sees me, to some degree, as I used to be.) The eyes of love are very forgiving, lol.

Karen Sue said...

How fun to shop together. The son who never cared about shopping said, upon seeing his sister's back-to-school loot, 'well, I want to go shopping, too!' We had fun. There is no greed in his body..he was looking for bargains and sales.
Glad you were able to find that great jacket, too. I've been trying to hold off on the outlet visits. The longer it goes, the less I really think about them..except now the whole shopping on your anniversary idea is sounding pretty good!!

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