Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dancing with the Stars: Bigger and Better

I spent Monday and Tuesday nights watching Dancing with the Stars with a reasonable degree of enjoyment. Can't say for sure why I'm liking it better than usual (my DVR and fast forward button certainly play a role, sparing me the dull bits), but I also think the personalities appeal to me significantly more this season. Or maybe there aren't quite as many annoying ones. Either way, I may be watching every week this time around, which is definitely a new behavior for me when it comes to DWTS. (Unlike So You Think You Can Dance, which I not only watch every week but sometimes replay later to savor my favorite routines!)

My picks for last night would be Kelly Osbourne and Mya, though some of the others appealed to me, too. (Derek Hough was the unrivaled king of choreography, with partner/supermodel Joanna Krupa the clear dance diva, but the jury's still out on her likability factor.) Definitely likable were the new dance relays, offering a great arena to compare the contestants fairly.

Monday night I had fun with Louie Vito (grinning snowboarder) and Donny Osmond (aging but likable teen idol), got a kick out of Chuck Lidell (macho kickboxing dude), and enjoyed a few more. I wasn't sure what to make of Tom DeLay. Can you be sorta good and sorta awful at the same time? Apparently so! (I thought Macy Gray successfully stuck to the sorta awful side of the spectrum, by the way. No ambiguity there at all.) Was anyone else wondering if her performance was, shall we say, herbally influenced?

Kelly Osbourne hasn't been a particular favorite with me in the past, but last night she somehow got to me. Here's the video so you can see if you feel the same way.

I have to say that Kelly, quite unexpectedly, charmed my socks off.



KC Mom said...

I didn't watch DWTS, but I heard Donny Osmond did a great job! I need to record them and watch them.
I couldn't watch your video of wouldn't work!

jen said...

Didn't watch the video either, but if Donny Osmond is on the show, maybe I need to record it, as well!

Sue said...

I just found another copy of the video that does play, so have at it!

Carolyn said...

I barely recognized her without the pink hair.

karen said...

I missed Monday night, but for the women, I loved Kelly Osborne. Loved her parents loving her. Very sweet - old chicken head-biting Ozzie getting choked up about a Viennese Waltz. But Macy Grey is wierd...and lumbering to boot. Very spacey girl -couldn't decide if she is stupid or stoned. And I agree on the supermodel (Derek's partner, not Kathy Ireland) - didn't she seem just a teensy bit mean?

Karen said...

Like you I watched both nights - Tivo makes is ssooo much easier! I loved the whole thing!! Can't wait to watch the results tonight. I agree on the herbal/Macy connection. I think her partner is bewildered on what to do with her. I loved Donny and Chuck Lidell (such a different venue for him.) Kelly was so charming! I thought she looked beautiful (new for me) and I thought Kathy Ireland would be more graceful!

Tonight I think Macy Grey is gone and probably Ashley Hamilton (he was awful!)

Love, love, love this show!!

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