Friday, July 24, 2009

Counterparts: A Poem About Pioneers

Happy July 24th, a great day to commemorate the courage of our pioneers, both the ones who crossed the plains and the modern-day ones who must navigate arduous trails of their own.


©1984 by Susan Noyes Anderson

Great Grandma walked across the plains,
her blue dress grey with travel stains.
She bore the hardship, for she knew
her faith in the Lord would see her through.
Her once pink hands were calloused now,
and she had said good-bye somehow
to husband dear and children lost,
praying the end would be worth the cost.

I walk the darkened city street,
my hurried footsteps keeping beat
with a trembling heart, but I swallow my fear,
reminding myself that the Lord is near.
I wear my travel stains deep inside,
where I battle iniquity’s rising tide,
praying husband and children will not be lost;
and that the end will be worth the cost.

We all must walk these earthly miles;
different times bring different trials.


karen said...

Oh I like that one! Well said.

~Shari said...


Carolyn said...

I miss pioneer day. What a wonderful poem.

Fiauna said...

The sentiment is so well put. Another beautiful poem and your talent amazes me again.

LPowers said...

A good poem Sue. I like the contrast between the first and second stanzas and the couplet ties them together nicely. Good rhyming poety. Good post.

Lisa Loo said...

I haven't written poetry since I was forced to in 5th grade and to be perfectly honest most poetry just floats right over my head--sigh. BUT I LOVED this Sue!!!! Printed it out, hung it on my bulletin board, look at it often, keep turning it over in my head--loved it!! Thanx for sharing!

Lisa Loo said...

was that okay I printed it out--it has your name on it and its just on my bulletin board???

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