Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some Junky, Cheeky Stuff

Not long ago, I featured my niece's hip yet lacy new stationery line, Junky Heirloom, on my blog. She is still going great guns with this new business, and the blog that goes with it, Mostly Happenchance, is a delightful read.

I am now going to turn you on to another fun new enterprise, Cheeky Cards, recently started by a young woman who grew up in my ward and was a good friend to my two youngest sons. Her creatively designed note cards are fun and whimsical, as you can see below.

In today's flagging economy, I love to see this evidence that America's entrepreneurial spirit is alive, well, and thriving in our country's young people! 


karen said...

I love cute note cards - I'll check back in when she's available!

Katie Blacker said...

thanks Sue! you're too nice. I couldn't ask for better exposure on your veery popular blog! so sweet.

Fiauna said...

Wow. You know some very talented people. The cards are great.

Carolyn said...

Darling cards I will check out those blogs :)

KC Mom said...

Wow...such talent...those are really neat.

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