Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bustin' Out the Birthday Props to Perry!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a brother-in-law extraordinaire!

Creator of good times

Deep thinker

Smooth sailor

Lover of life

and all-around GREAT guy!

Do we love him? Yes! We do!!
And here's the reasons why that's true:

Perry, aka The Birthday Boy....

1. Shows the obvious intelligence and good taste to have married my brainy/beautiful little sister.
2. Likes her family, too (yep, that'd be us).
3. Keeps liking us even when we visit...and never complains about coming for Christmas.
4. Actually enjoys circle time (or pretends very well, which also works).
5. Shares really cool things during said circle time.
6. Isn't afraid to show a little emotion here and there. (We like when he shows emotion.)
7. Receives free movies as member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. (Yeah. We get off on it. Got a problem?)
8. Provides us with instant status of––being related to Adam Sandler's production designer––thereby making us seem cooler to young adults and teenagers. (Sadly, we need the boost.)
9. Tells us what the movie stars we like are really like. And then sometimes we don't like them any more. (But Perry likes pretty much everyone.) (Because that's how he is.) (Nice.) (And really good to talk to.)
10. Even likes to talk about chick stuff. (Dude is interested in pretty much everything.)
11. Makes the best guacamole ever. EVER. (And the walking tacos ain't bad either.)
12. Owns the long-held, not-necessarily-coveted title of Most Distracted and Distractible Driver You'll Ever Meet...but we think that's endearing. (As long as we're not riding with him.)
13. Has perfected the famed Sunday fish BBQ.
14. Makes the best homemade salad dressing ever.
15. Is the main character and excellent storyteller of the funniest personal anecdote in the world, aka the "moving truck" story. (Guaranteed to make you laugh until you cry.)
16. Wins our hearts because he's smart and funny, generous and pushy, a little bit quirky and ADHD, and talented as can be. (One of his talents is spilling...sodas, mostly.)
16a. Has also consistently exhibited a knack for making one-of-a-kind babies who grow up to be amazing adults.
16b. And is, additionally, a Harvard-trained architect, who used to work for Frank Gehry. (Okay, so we like to brag about him...)
17. Plays the guitar and sings Beatles songs. (It's good when he sings Beatles songs.)
18. Is always tons o' fun to be with. (Never a dull moment with the old Blakester around.)
19. Can decorate the h-e-double toothpicks out of anything!
20. Has a constantly changing style all his own. (PAB does his thing.)
20a. Looks mostly cute in every phase of that style. (Scratch one rather unfortunate afro...)
21. Realizes how lucky he is to have found Nikki.
22. Never fails to make us realize how lucky Nikki is to have found him!

Perry: 22 reasons why we think he's spiffy––listed here, in honor of the 22nd day of July––his ____th birthday! (We refrain from mentioning his age because, unlike the rest of us, he doesn't look anywhere close to it!!) You go, bro!



PS. A special thanks to my friend Natalie at Snarky Belle for posting the custom poem she won at my 100-post giveaway!


Heather Anderson said...

He is all of those things. A talented fun loving guy! Happy Bday Perry we love ya! So sad you won't be joining us at the beach:(

Jill said...

I like #21 the best! A real man appreciates his wife and it sounds like he does.

karen said...

He sounds more than cool. Everyone should have a brother in law like that. And I do - well minus the famous connections.

Leslie said...

He's very cool. Happy Birthday Perry. We brag about the Adam Sandler production designer thing too.

Kristin said...

Yes. He is the best dad ever! We are pretty lucky.

Kristin said...

PS... to add to the list, he's pretty cute, don't you think? :)

Sue said...

Good point, Kris. He IS pretty cute...

NBlake said...

I agree with that.

Ryan said...

Happy birthday Uncle P

Lisa Loo said...

wow--sounds like he is pretty amazing and pretty loved. What a great combo. You write such great tributes, Sue!

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