Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lambert Dodges Bullet, Giraud Bites Dust

I wasn't planning to do an Idol wrap-up today, having just posted about Dancing with the Stars and being fully aware that too much reality show posting does a dull blog make, but I just have to go there.

I had a hunch Adam might be in trouble last night. His "rat pack" performance wasn't quite up to par, and I kept flashing back to what I've since dubbed the Daughtry Debacle. In fact, my sister and I were talking about it Tuesday night and got ourselves worked up to the extent that we actually voted (not once but numerous times) for the incredible Mr. Lambert.

Still, when he ended up in the bottom two with Matt, I couldn't help feeling surprised. True, it hadn't been his best effort, but didn't past excellence count for anything? 

I was sorry about Matt, too, even though I think he "deserved" to be there. Those little snippets of filler video from the so-called mansion, where Matt was often seen at the piano surrounded by his peers, had convinced me weeks ago that he is probably one of the most talented of them all. Unfortunately for him, he is also one of the most nervous. Clearly, stage fright got the best of him on a fairly regular basis. This pet theory of mine was validated in the way he sang last night...once the pressure was off...when he had nothing to lose. He was GREAT!

Truth is, anyone could go at this point. They are all talented, and they are all vulnerable. My personal "least favorite" is Danny, but he seems to have a fairly big following. Not to say that the guy is bulletproof. Hey, Adam has (had?) a big following too...

And he pretty much hung on by the skin of his teeth last night.


karen said...

I'm glad to know that someone likes TV as much as I do. My obsession is LOST. So confusing, but the writing is sooooo good.

Sue said...

I only like a few shows, but the ones I like, I really like: So You Think You Can Dance is my favorite, with Idol second. Dancing with the Stars is a distant third.


K2cole said...

I was SHOCKED that Adam was in the bottom 2.. Now we are down to my favorite 3 and...Danny (although he really knocked it out of the park on Tuesday!)

I like the recap so don't stop!!

Becky said...

Wow, I was gonna do a recap but I'll just send peeps here cuz you said exactly what I was going to. With the exception of the Danny thing. I actually like him and would rather that young guy go first. LOVE Adam.

Thanks for the recap.

Natalie said...

Daughtry Debacle....that is exactly what I was thinking..except I didn't have a smart name for it! :)

Ditto your recap!
Have you thought of doing this for big bucks? Seriously, your recaps are great!

jen said...

I wonder if that's really how the votes turned out, or if Fox is pandering for votes, trying to avoid another "Daughtrey Debacle." Hm. We'll never know. I was just glad it wasn't Kris. That kid's beginning to grow on me. But I think they really are down to the four best. And who picked Jamie Foxx? I mean, he's great and all, but a bit like Tarantino, don't you think?

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