Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol: Adam Lambert = G-E-N-I-U-S

Okay. We all have our own ideas of what constitutes genius in any given person. But I defy anyone to have watched all of Adam Lambert's performances this year on American Idol and still put up a good argument that he is anything but a musical genius. And an amazing performance artist as well. Even if you don't like his style, you can't help but give a nod to his prowess. I mean, I've never been a great fan of David Bowie's, but I would not have denied that he had a certain something most people are absolutely born without.

So do yourself a favor. Scroll down, turn off my playlist music, click on this video, wait patiently through the "baby bio," and then watch and listen to Adam's performance on Idol last night. I promise you will not be bored, disappointed, or sorry. Then, we'll talk. =)

Masterful! Not just in his musicality, but in communicating every feeling he has and then some, all the while evoking mine. And what about the presentation? The word mesmerizing comes to mind. Chilling, even. In a good way. And compelling in every way. Talk about bringing the concept of performance art to a whole new level and making it seem effortless. The guy is a rock star. Already.

Having said that, he really got a raw deal last night. For the second time this season, American Idol ran overtime, and anyone who recorded the show missed the final performance...HIS. Hopefully people searched, as my little sis did (thanks, Nik!), and found a copy online. But that doesn't resolve the fact that he was treated unfairly, albeit not intentionally, by the show. My feeling? His performance should be replayed in its entirety tonight, which won't help with the voting but would at least give his growing base of fans an opportunity to see and hear Mr. Lambert in all his glory on an audio-visual system that does him justice. (Did I say consummate voice control and the perfect pitch to use it?)

Allison comes closest to Adam in ability, yet she's been in the bottom three for two weeks in a row because (as Simon says) she's not "likable." Well, I DO like her! And I still like Matt, too, who strikes me as a very talented guy with a fairly generous dose of insecurity. But hey, he's fighting through it.

Less impressive to me are Danny (good singer, but still on the icky side for me), Anoop (has his moments, but showboats for the camera overmuch), Lil (great pipes but lagging confidence/song selection), Scott (should be voted off tonight), and Rick (barely hanging on as my fourth favorite after offering a ho-hum rendition of "All She Wants to Do Is Dance").

So there you are. SUE'S VIEWS on the American Idol NEWS. Hope it will aMUSE.

(What? The italicized caps mean mean nothing to you? Sheesh! Check out the name of this blog, dude!)



em said...

oh it did, it did!!!!;-)

Amy said...

you know, I still have never seen american idol. pretty un american of me, isn't it? Well the performance was great, but I honestly like the original version by the 80s band OMD. what can i say, I am a purest. I like all the original 80s versions of all songs best.

♥CHRISSY♥ said...

I as well did watch Idol last night and posted about it, I would have to say my views on it are about the same as yours.

Adam Lambert got a well deserved STANDING OVATION from the Judges and I look forward every week to his performance.

jen said...

I watched and read your blog before watching the TIVO. Wow. He is truly amazing.
And Simon never throws around compliments. Hopefully tonight he'll get a little more airtime. Now I can't wait to see what everyone else did last night. The laundry is waiting and so's the remote!

SnarkyMama said...

I totally agree...Adam has been my favorite since the audition phase! I think your "mesmerizing" description is right on target! I like everything about him as an entertainer. When I watch "Idol" I ask "Would I pay money today to watch them perform in an concert?"
That pretty much sums it up for me...this year, only Adam Lambert would get a dime of my money.

I, too, like Allison, but can't say that I would make the effort to watch her, specifically, perform. Adam, on the other hand, in a heartbeat!

Your description of Danny is perfect...good singer, but, yeah, something odd to me.

I see you found your way to the "not so much of a blog" site..who knows, one day....but thanks for the encouragement!

Loved your "tour" by the way....beautiful can feel the warmth and the love!Again, I clearly see why Natalie said what she said....down to the love of oak trees!

K2cole said...

Love him!! Have thought he was great since his audition - I am spotty on my watching but I always try to find hime!!

You think he is too young for me? Maybe my hubby won't notice.

Kristin said...

My 3 favorites? Adam, Matt and Kris. Idol is good this season!

Our family chaos said...

I agree. Adam is Awesome! One of my favs.

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