Friday, April 3, 2009

A Husband for the Ages, Ages Well

Today my handsome hubby is putting another candle on his birthday cake. In fact, there are quite a lot of candles on his birthday cake these days, probably more than he would like me to mention. So I won't.

I will give you three small hints, though. 
As opposed to three big wishes.
(fresh outa wishes)
1. I happen to be 56.
2. We are close in age. 
3. He's slightly more ancient than I am... 

See, Big Daddy? I didn't tell!  =D

I met my husband 40 years ago, when I was a more spicy than sweet 16. My sorority had an exchange with his frat, and we hung out till the wee hours of the morning. I took to him from the start, though for some reason I told him my name was Zelda. (Don't ask. I was being droll.) This astonishingly clever alias made me hard to find; we didn't run into each other again till a few months later at a Valentine's Day dance. The girl he was meeting there came late, so he picked up on me. This time, I gave him the right name. (I may have been droll, but I wasn't stupid.) The rest is history.

After nearly 37 years of marriage, he can still make my heart flutter. He has always teased me enough to keep me interested, laughed with me enough to keep me happy, and loved me enough to keep me warm. He has slogged with me through the worst of times and strolled with me through the best, always carrying his weight and respecting me enough to know I will carry mine. Together, we've raised four children...good people who make us proud. 

This man is smart, solid, sensitive, self-sacrificing, and spirited...making him an inspired leader, a loyal follower, a dependable friend, a hard worker, and an excellent provider. He's also a fun companion, a sports enthusiast (both the viewing and the doing), a nature lover (wants to hike every national park and is well on his way), and a grandfather who uses his imagination to create magical experiences for his progeny (buried treasure hunts, leprechaun hikes, bat walks, money chairs, flashlight illusions, popper surprises, Pirate Pete stories, and more). He will play any game his grandchildren suggest and enjoy it more than they do, including Star Wars, fort-building and puzzles, to say nothing of the various board and card games. And no one is a better "Let's pretender" than he is.

It's only in the last few years that he's shown me the full extent of his creativity. (Something wonderful happens to men when they pass fifty.) This softer, gentler side of him has manifested itself in many ways, but I especially love the unique "thought" gifts he has given to me and our children. I have notes and sentimental objects from him that mean more to me than rubies and diamonds. (Not that he's stingy about those either.) But it's those carefully penned words and sweet nothings that float my boat. 

And make me glad we're in the same boat.

Happy Birthday, Mr. A. 

With lots of  hugs and kisses
from your ever-lovin' Mrs.



jen said...

Beautiful tribute. A man like that will be an excellent singles' ward bishop.
Just as a side note, I have absolutely loved your book. Thanks for sharing it with me. I picked it up with the intent of reading it cover to cover, but I find myself pondering the words and searching the photographs, and I've found that I do know how to savor something delicious. Now if I could just apply that lesson to chocolate . . .
Thanks again. I really wanted to send you a thank you note in the mail, but my children, who are never efficient when you want them to be, threw away the mailing envelope I was carefully saving on the kitchen counter.

em said...

what a romatinc post zelda;-)

Amy said...

What a beautiful sweet gift you have given your husband with your words (and by not telling his age (: ) Thank you for sharing that with us. I love all the little things my hubby does, and hope we have thousands more years to come. We are working on three years right now. I hope and pray I can say all the wonderful things you have said about your sweetie when he and I have grown up a little more. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa Loo said...

Ahhh-what a wonderful tribute! I love reading people's birthday tributes---Happy Birthday Sue's Hubby!

Have I thanked you yest for the beautiful book???!! I love just paging through it--reading a few--then thinking about them as I go through my day----fabulous!!

Momza said...

I love reading about true love. real true love.
Thanks for sharing, Zelda!

Natalie said...

Oooo-lah-lah, lovely Zelda!
"I was a more spicy than
sweet 16" that!

Such a tender, loving tribute to an obviously terrific man!

I LOVE the book!! Thank you, thank you. I am taking my time, just pouring over each page. Art.

Natalie said...

Did you notice how many times a form of the word love is used in my last comment?

I must really "love" you Sue!

Heather Anderson said...

All so true and fun to read:) Happy Bday to the best Dad ever!!!

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