Friday, November 3, 2017

Hold Fast to Hope and Fireflies

©2017 Susan Noyes Anderson

I used to have a firefly inside me,
a certain spark against the dark of night...
her wings translucent threads of hope and dreaming,
her glow as magical as soft starlight.

I knew she was a gift; I always knew.
There was no capture, no attempt to snare.
She simply was, and so we simply were.
Partners in joy, staunch allies in despair.

We carried sunshine as we walked through shadows,
found springtime in our hearts on wintry days.
She danced and floated, every gloom dispelling.
We were as one; and oh, I loved her ways.

But graceful wings of hopes and dreams proved fragile.
Sharp words cut them away, blew out the spark.
She vanished in a flash of light extinguished,
left me to wander, broken, in the dark.

I used to have a firefly inside me,
a healing glow to warm my weary soul.
I bide my time, seek her in clouds and rainbows,
wish on bright stars, Come home and make me whole.

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Frank Hubeny said...

Nice description of that hope inside (or muse) as a firefly.

I didn't see your link in the dVerse Mister Linky.

Frank Hubeny said...

It is there now. Very nice poem, Sue.

annell said...

I grew up on the third coast in Texas. Nights were full of fireflies, I haven't seen them here in the desert....although the other day, (and it was daytime, I didn't see her light) I would swear, the bug that flew into the studio had all the marks I remember of the firefly....even in the desert perhaps there is one? We can hope.

Grace said...

That last stanza is very moving and inspiring ~ May we all remember that firelight and light within us ~

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thought of having a firefly inside of you...

Kweli Nzito said...

This is a truly moving and creative piece Sue. Your last two stanzas speak to what could happen when we rain sharp words on a blessing.

kaykuala said...

a healing glow to warm my weary soul.
I bide my time, seek her in clouds and rainbows,

How nice it is to be looking bright and breezy with a firefly for company!


brudberg said...

Love to think that we could have a light inside... we need that warmth.

X said...

This is really quite sad if you read it to the end. How easily our little light can be snuffed out. Sadly it is those that give it away freely, through caring for others that can be hurt the most - too free to love and trust. What a tension that creates. Do you guard your light or continue to give it away.

Perhaps that is where discernment comes in - and always making sure you re-fill the cup that you continue to pour out.

Mary Hood said...

I love this, but such a sad ending. So real for so many, I hope it is fictional for you...and if not, keep looking, she is out there.

LeAnn said...

Oh my sweet Sue, this is just so real. You create such beautiful poetry that can touch the soul. This really describes right now the feelings of my youngest daughter. She is going through such a hard time. She has always been such a light and I can just see it dimming. I have such great hope that it will be bright again.
This does have a deeper meaning to me.
Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way!

Dawn Anderson said...

I seem to have misplaced my fireflies in the move...hopefully they'll resurface soon! So inspiring, Sue!

Sarah Russell said...

One of the most wonderful things about moving to the east is the fireflies in summer. They really are magic. You’ve captured them well. I hope you find your inner firefly again.

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