Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Uncool Kitchen

The Uncool Kitchen
©2017 Susan Noyes Anderson

My kitchen is a clone of me,
and at its very heart
hums one cold, stainless giant,
covered in graffiti art.

Refrigerator magnets. {wince}
They do not make me proud.
Unhip, uncool, oft-parodied,
mocked freely and aloud.

My critics can be merciless,
yet I am undeterred.
Some twisted slave inside me
clings to every magnet word.

HOME RULES: The list is lengthy,
unoriginal, and lame.
But everyone who sees my fridge
must read them all the same.

If Grandma Makes Life Beautiful,
and Love Is Spoken Here,
then Life Is but a Song to Sing.
Blech! {gagging on good cheer}

No worries. Home Is Where the Hugs Are.
Family Warms Our Hearts.
There's No Friend Like a Sister.
Home Is Where Your Story Starts.

Time Flies. (It does; I'm almost done.)
Snap Out of It, you say?
I'll try, but When It Rains, It Pours,
and magnets Seize the Day!

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annell said...

It just goes to show, anything even magnets on the fridge, can inspire a poem!!! I love it! I'll have to go to my fridge for inspiration! said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it! "DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY" the one magnet on my fridge with words....and all the rest are hearts, a Swedish dala horse, and photo holders with pics of our children and their children. I should have a magnet made that says REJUVENATE IN REJUVENATEMENT!
That's because I never say "retire" or "retirement." I prefer to be rejuvenated! :)

So glad you posted!

yaya said...

You made me look at the fridge in a whole new light! I have postcards, cartoons, a pride award from work, many photos, Relief Society news letter, and a list of Apple's and when they're ready at the orchard..and that's just the front! I'm sure you just described every refrigerator in America!

Frank Hubeny said...

Nice sound. I like reading those magnets although we don't have any. I thought this line was very funny: "Time Flies. (It does; I'm almost done.)"

Frank J. Tassone said...

Great, lyrical fun! I love the tongue-in-cheek critique you offer on the clichés your magnets proclaim. Wonderful messages, all the same!

Kathy Reed said...

They tell a lot about the owner!

brudberg said...

I think it's cool with all those magnets when your muse is set aflame from them

LeAnn said...

Oh my, I do need to look at my fridge magnets and re-read what is presently there. I have awesome quotes, children's art and etc. Sometimes, I clean it up a bit and add new things.
I must say that you are so good at coming up with new poetic thoughts from just everyday items. As always,I love your fresh original poetry.
Blessings and hugs!

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