Monday, July 11, 2016

On Hiatus

©2016 Susan Noyes Anderson

I'm on hiatus from my life
but not by choice.
Don't get me wrong, as my kids' mom,
I have a voice.

And yet autonomy for mommies
comes with strings attached.
I'd drop the sun on a dead run
for anyone I've hatched.

So I am off on an adventure
I would rather miss.
"Have child will travel" is my motto.
Service is my bliss.

But could there be more happy reasons?
We are overdue.
Enough of flash floods, fires, and famine.
Let's try something new!

For Poets United, theme of "absence."


Karen Mortensen said...

Cute poem.

Terra Hangen said...

Is everything ok?

Myrna Foster said...

I'm hoping this wasn't prompted by something tragic. It was fun to read.

LeAnn said...

This was a fun one. I love your overall creativity with your poetry. You are always amazing too. The photo with the poem was just perfect for the thoughts. Blessings and hugs~

yaya said...

I was hoping you were taking a fun vacation but it seems you're going to the rescue of one of your kiddos? I hope all is OK and this was just a well written poem not connected with anything bad happening. See you back soon I hope!

Susan Anderson said...

In the middle of a muddle, but hanging in. Thanks for your concern!
I often write this sort of poem when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.
The quasi-humor helps me.

carol l mckenna said...

Ah, delightful ~ enjoy!

Happy Daze to you ~ ^_^

Wandering Wren said...

Well this is a combination of 'what a hoot' and OMG ... #Mumtotherescue!
Looking forward to hearing all about it when it is less over whelming!
Wren x

Grandma Honey said...

This is concerning. Life sure can have its challenges! I hope you are okay very soon, Sue.

Brian Miller said...

hopefully you got your something new,
and are enjoying your change of pace

sometimes that is exactly what is needed
though in order to find your way forward.

hey there.

Karen Sue said...

Who knew that when we put on our mom hat it would never come off?!?!

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