Thursday, June 30, 2016


©2016 Susan Noyes Anderson

Each whiff of Mama's bread
rose in his heart
infused his head
with wafting warmth
and scented joy.
He was a happy boy.

Her perfume graced the air:
Light citrus
buried in her hair
so soft yet spicy
in its way,
pushed all his cares away.

Outdoors, each breath smelled new.
Bright green bore fruit
of orange hue
and flowers white
as blossomed bliss.
Fresh juice, the sweetest kiss.

Aflutter on the line,
sheets swaddled him
in fragrance fine
as sacheted lovenotes,
of sacred memory.

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brudberg said...

I do love the tender way you have captured all those sweet smells, that light perfume and the washed linens... perfect for summer.

Jennifer Wagner said...

I loved seeing each fragrance as a Lovenote! Lovely poem.

Friko said...

A sweet medley, a fragrant potpourri.

Anonymous said...

This is such a delight...truly a scented summer poem. Wonderful photos, too.

Anonymous said...

Carefree and lovely. Smells like home~

Gail said...

You have met this poetic challenge admirably.

LeAnn said...

What sweet lovenotes, memories came flooding back of similar things I love and loved. Of course, I could almost smell the homemade bread from here. The smell of homemade cookies came to mind. Yes, this brought some nostalgia; thank you! Smiles, love and hugs on this one😊

Grace said...

These are indeed sweet memories of growing up.I specilly love the smell of bread and fresh laundry on the line. Thanks for joining us-

C.C. said...

"potpourri of sacred memory" is such a great phrase!

Toni Spencer said...

Wonderful and tender scents - clean laundry, bread, delicate perfume...perfect scents for summer. Love the last stanza of this.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. This little boy had a world of comforting scents, surrounding him with love.

yaya said...

Smell is a strong memory jogger! My Mom still makes amazing bread and that smell will always make me think of her. I'm betting there are many folks who've never slept on clotheslined, sunshine fresh smelling sheets! Just reading your poem has brought back some of my childhood. Have a good weekend and Happy 4th!

Grandma Honey said...

We never forget our Mama smells. Oh if we could just go back for even a moment.....

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh how this post filled my mind with vivid images...amazing.

I wish you a wonderful start into the new week :)

Terra Hangen said...

Beautiful images and how scent can bring memories alive.

Myrna Foster said...

Loved the sensory details in this one!

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