Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Loungers and Tables and Chairs, Oh My!

I know it's shocking to our family and friends, but after 20+ years of faded chairs, sagging lounges and chipped tables, we have officially upgraded. Yes, pool partiers, we are now the proud owners of bona fide patio furniture...the kind with actual cushions and a coffee table!

What prompted us to make this daring move, you ask? Perhaps a latent, mid-life-crisis-oriented longing for luxury? (Naw, we're well beyond the mid-life crisis stage.) A newly-discovered ambition to keep up with the Joneses? (Not a chance. Our neighbors have more toys/vehicles at this moment than we will own in a lifetime.)

In fact, our acquisition of brand new stuff has no connection whatsoever to feathering our own nest. None at all. Instead, our newfound materialism has everything to do with making others happy and comfortable: the young people who will be visiting from my husband's singles ward, for instance...or our grateful relatives (surely they will be grateful?) who visit occasionally...or even the various "regulars" who frequent our pool in the summer. 

insert saintly, sacrificial sigh here

It's about them, not us.    

Because we care.

(We're even willing to keep the seats warm.)



Lisa Loo said...

Yeah!! Look at you all fancy and matching--can I book my reservation?!

VK said...
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VK said...

Fun, fun, fun!! Just a few more things to keep clean.
They do look really nice, and our backyard weather around here is about as good as it gets.

Thanks, I just didn't know what to call the "blog buttons" so I was just finding images and that wasn't good enough.

K2cole said...

It looks so fancy! You have such a beautiful patio!

Have a fun party!


em said...

ooooooooo sue, look at that fancy red!!!!! i wish i could come lay:-)

Heather Anderson said...

can't wait to try it out:) Looks nice!

Natalie said...

Ohhhh, soooo beautiful.

You make me laugh.
"insert saintly, sacrificial sigh here It's about them, not us.
Because we care." I love it!!

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