Thursday, March 19, 2009

From One "Treasure" to Another

This is a photo of my grandmother, Eva Anderson Noyes, whom I portrayed more fully in an earlier post. She was an amazing individual who managed to be both elegant and quirky at the same time (quite a feat, I believe), the very person you could easily imagine seeing portrayed in that old Reader's Digest feature "My Most Unforgettable Character." Hands down, she fills that niche for me. No contest.

Grandma Noyes is pictured here holding my baby self in her arms. She told me I was Funny. Smart. Special. She told me I would marry my husband the first time she met him. She told me fascinating true stories and some that were (perhaps) not true*. She didn't let being Old stop her from hiking down the canyon. She told me I was a "treasure."

I guess it takes one to know one.


*Grandma insisted there was an oft-married woman in her home town whose name was "France Anner Deemer Dommer Applegate McCurdy Wing Williams." I remain skeptical.


K2cole said...

Aren't we luck to have Grandmothers?!! I hope to be a realy fun one someday.


Natalie said...

You were an adorable baby!!

I think you look like your grandmother, am I right? Beautiful.

And, you are a treasure!

Lisa Loo said...

Fun stuff--my Grandma was amazing too--I love her oft married woman tongue twister---that will be in my head all day!

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