Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Dreams Come True: They Do!

Well, the whole gang has gone home now, with the exception of our youngest son, who will be leaving next year (in a week or so...). heehee

Here's a shot or two (or three or four) of our Christmas fun. My daughter-in-law was the photographer, which accounts for my grandchildren being the primary subject matter!

A few of the highlights were...

1. beautiful Christmas program at the church on December 21st (thanks, Sheila)
2. evening horse and buggy ride to see the Christmas lights in a neighboring village and experience low-grade hypothermia first-hand
3. exciting but perilous treasure hunt at a nearby park (aargh!)
4. traditional Mexican food feast, featuring Heather's enchiladas and three kinds of homemade tamales 
5. Christmas Eve nativity play (waaaay, waaaaaaay off-Broadway)
6. Christmas Eve story by yours truly, followed by the infamous "circletime."
7. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (props to Clement Clarke Moore)
8. Sprinkly cookies for Santa and crunchy carrots for the reindeer
9. Christmas morning extravaganza, including the traditional melt-in-your-mouth-wonderful tea rings by Grandma and Grandpa Robbins
10. trip to Carmel, complete with dinner at the Hog's Breath Inn. (I know, but it's delicious!)

...all interspersed, of course, with lots of game-playing, skateboard-riding, and walks to the playground.

A perfect Christmas. Hope yours was, too.




emily said...

so sad to hear the set up is a no:-( i must say my 45lb loss was a bit of a cheat b/c almost 10 of it was baby and the rest i must attribute to good genes and breastfeeding b/c 35 of it was what i gained while pregnant, but the other 10 must be a little gift for all of those years i spent dieting without any result;-) b/c i have been eating my little heart's content and not thinking about losing any of it. i'm sure i will be nostalgic for these days down the road.

Heather Anderson said...

We had a great time at christmas and it was fun to relive it on your blog:) Thanks for having us and making the time spent there so wonderful!

grandma shepherd said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful! Precious!

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