Monday, October 13, 2008

Those Magical, Marvelous Yellow, Blue & Green-Letter Days

You've had them, right? Not those red-letter days like births, baptisms, graduations and weddings but those seemingly ordinary days where suddenly, out of nowhere, some small, less than remarkable thing comes along and puts a sparkle in your eye and a spring in your step. 

I'm talking about those other-lettered days..................
yellow for instance, when a summer breeze conjures up the image of a postcard-worthy sunset shimmering in the water off Balboa pier. 

Or those frosty blue ones, when a whiff of smoke on the night air carries you back to a cherished Christmas Eve, complete with loved ones and a crackling fire. 

I'm especially fond of bright green-letter days when the smell of newly mown grass lands me square on the front lawn of my childhood home, rolling down its steeply sloping hill to the curb. (Once, my sister and I even ate the grass, placing it confidently in a cereal bowl with heaps of sugar and a splash of milk to ensure the taste. An unsuccessful experiment, I regret to say.)

Today it only took this picture of my grandson, straight from the pumpkin patch, to catapult me all the way to Thanksgiving. I've been smelling cloves and nutmeg every since I looked at it! And feeling grateful. Yep. Smelling spices and feeling grateful...a yellow-letter day indeed. (And don't forget a dash of orange for the season, blue for the sky, and green for the leaves.)

Red-letter days are thrilling. But I love these other-lettered days of life. Don't you?


Kristin said...

I agree. Those are the best kind of days.

Nikki Blake said...

Now that is a cute baby! Glad you had one of those kind of days. Enjoy!

Heather Anderson said...

I am glad this photo brought you joy:)

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