Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Am a Yellow Crayon

Thank heaven for online personality quizzes! I now understand myself as never before, and I intend to share. I know...This is deep, but you guys are my blog buddies. I mean, if I can't open up to you, what are we here for?

First of all...and I know it won't be easy to hear...I am a yellow crayon. Lots of crayons are yellow, and it doesn't mean they can't be other colors when the need arises. I am also a circle, a werewolf (lycanthrope), a peppy artist, and a complicated romantic. But, hey, I'm flexible. I could probably be a parallelogram, vampire, depressive no-talent, or solitary simpleton if the situation required. Let's face it. I am nothing if not versatile.

My incarnations are many and varied. I am Alice in Wonderland, John the Beatle, and the Goddess Athena. In a pinch, I can even be Mulan (see below). I also have "a strong sense of self" (interesting observation, considering the borderline multiple personality-disordered nature of my previous sentence). Anyone know a good psychiatrist?

Those of you who truly "get" me will probably agree that I am "strong and spirited," "no one's girly girl," "determined," "thoughtful," "wise," and that "some people even consider me a genius." (Whew! I freakin' rock!!) Oh, and don't forget "charming," "eloquent," and "able to get people to do things [my] way." (Would someone please inform my husband and kids so they can adjust their behavior accordingly?) An interesting side note is that I am at once "spontaneous" and "calculating." (Uh-oh, more evidence of the MPD diagnosis...)

I considered not divulging this one, but in the interest of full disclosure and even though my foray into personality quizzes has yet to reveal whether I am a risk-taker, I will...(drum roll, please)...take a risk. I am summer. Not spring, not winter, not fall, but...summer. This is somewhat troubling, as fall is by far my favorite season. Hmmm......There seem to be some incongruency issues here that might bear looking into. Again, is there a reputable psychiatrist in the house?

I don't think I'll go further with this today. It's all become strangely disturbing, and my strong sense of self (selves?) can't decide which alter ego to use in addressing my newfound issues. Should it be Alice? Athena? John? (JMHO, but Mulan seems a little too macho to wanna deal with any issues at all.)

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