Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is Golden

Are we condemned to take our lives for granted?
Must loss be felt (or feared) before the joy?
Does gratitude grow stale when goodness gathers,
when all is well with every girl and boy?

Is friendship priceless in a close-knit circle,
or must its worth be found in solitude?
For childish noise and clamor to be treasured,
must one dear voice be taken from the brood?

Can married love be valued in full measure
before one partner yields at last to death?
Must we abide disease, our bodies broken,
in order to appreciate each breath?

It's true that opposition is the agent
that helps us mark the bitter and the sweet.
The trials must come; will we store them so deeply
that we forfeit the prize of their receipt?

Or will we use them to embrace thanksgiving,
to claim one joy against another pain?
Will sorrow plant delight for tender mercies?
Will rainbow shades endure beyond the rain?

The choice is yours and mine, as are the blessings,
bright gems that we may seek and recognize.
Don't wait till it's too late, for life is golden.
The proof is sparkling right before our eyes.


BECKY said...

Sue, this is so beautiful. I haven't read any of your poetry in quite a while. Will you be sharing with us, what prompted you to write this? I don't HAVE to know, in order for it to mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!

Jill said...

OH you said it so well in this poem Sue. This reminds me of over 25 years ago when my oldest son suddenly lost a 5 year old friend in his Primary class to a drowning. This little guy was just sitting on his Dad's lap on a rock at the beach...and a wave took him away, snatched him right from his father's arms. I don't think any of us in that ward complained about our rambunctious kids for a long while after that.

Lisalulu said...

That was beautiful. Just the kind of thoughtful break I needed.

Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. I hate to keep saying that but I don't know what else to say. You better have a book out somewhere soon.

VK said...

Beautiful. And Pacabel is the perfect accompaniment.

KC Mom said...

So timely.
Thanks for the reminder.

Joy For Your Journey said...

A great poem and thought. I think too often we don't appreciate what we have until we lose it. What a great reminder to be grateful for each day.

Darlene said...

Yes indeed, we do need to cherish every blessing to the fullest. I don't know that going through difficult times makes one enjoy the peaceful times more. There is that tendency, of course. I for one try to make every minute count. Maybe that's because I am near the end of my journey. We are so blessed and I think we need to understand, appreciate and make the most of every single blessing we receive. Then too, we need to recognize a blessing for what it is when one does come.

I do love this poem, Sue. It has so much meaning. Thanks for this.

Ryan said...

Hope that you arent too close to the end of your journey Grandma :) I liked this poem mom. Way to go!

Jess said...

I loved it Sue, on trek I learned that God gives us trials in order to acquaint us with him. I've recently become grateful that Heavenly Father wants to know me, me to know Him- through trials.

karen said...

This reminded me of some good lessons in life. It's important to appreciate what we have, before we are appreciating only the memories. Take joy in the moment - hard to do sometimes, but such happiness when we're able to slow down enough to do it!
It's a very pensive poem - I'm hoping nothing current prompted the writing of it. I'm so happy to know you - you make me think deeper thoughts, and it's good for me.

My name is PJ. said...

When the words are strong enough to make you stop and think at the end of each sentence, you know you've got something!

cj Schlottman said...

This beautiful and thoughtful poem resonates with me, having lost my husband las June.

Good poets are hard to find online, so thank you for this one.

I have a poetry blog at

I think you may find a few pieces that speak to your heart.

I am sincerely, profoundly sorry for your loss....................cj

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. Thank you, for sharing your wonderful talent. Hugs

Michelle said...

love this. thank you.

Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

It's so true that often we forget to appreciate until we have lost. What a gift from the Holy Spirit is it to embrace love in this life and accept those gifts and rewards offered to us while here on earth.

Beautiful, Sue. Thank you for sharing this.

Terra said...

Simply beautiful words! Oh my goodness. I am still feeling that through the core.

Amy said...

I am speechless. Really, what can be said after reading that? Life is too often taken for granted. Thank you for the reminder.

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