Friday, July 9, 2010

I Am a Prickly Tree

I'm feeling out of sorts and prickly today, kinda like this old tree. (My trunk is even bulging.) If I weren't so thoroughly menopausal, I'd say I have PMS. Maybe I do...but in my case, it's Poor Me Syndrome.

Yessiree, I'm pretty sure that's what I'm suffering from, and I think exorcism is in order.

My preferred method of exorcism? Venting. (I'll try to keep it brief.)

1. month-long wait for MCAT score, even though it's computerized multiple choice
2. yeast (and I don't mean the leavening kind)
3. deep scratch on my fairly new and ridiculously expensive eyeglasses
4. weight gain I can ill afford, largely due to stress-related eating
5. lesson for church on Sunday that isn't quite coming together
6. poem on same subject that isn't quite coming together
7. prickly tree post that isn't quite coming together

I think I'll keep myself to seven gripes. That's a lucky number, right?



Caroline of Salsa Pie said...

I hear you. Venting is always good! And I thought about that yesterday (waiting for the MCAT scores) as I imagined it would be at least a month. You'd think, since it was computerized, they would know immediately!
The summer heat always makes me cranky. Last night I ate half of a Key Lime Pie all by myself. I know I'm pregnant, but seriously, it was a bit much. In fact, just talking about it makes me want some more for breakfast... :)

I hope you have a good weekend! :) said...

You are so great! I am sure everything will come together! and I think the same about the MCAT... I have known way too many people who have taken it and they say its the longest month ever! Poor Todd, poor concerend momma. I also think you shouldn't stress about your lesson... you are the most amazing RS teacher! I love love love when I attend the saratoga ward and you are teaching. You have such a way at bringing the spirit into the room and uplifting and challenging and being realistic as to what we can do as women. You are meant to be a teacher! Plus your poems are always a delight! Love you tons!

Jill said...

I wish I could attend your RS lesson...maybe someday I will :)

I think the biggest weight on your mind is that MCAT test! Once you know he passed on that, everything else will get better. It's how us Moms work.

karen said...

Your lesson and your poem? Be still, be patient, and it will come to you. It always does. Weight gain? Don't diet - just eat healthy foods that are beautiful and that you love. And DO YOUR YOGA DVD. Really - give it a try. Worrying about Todd? Nothing to help that except keep busy, do your lesson, write your poetry, look forward to your vacation. The time will pass whether you worry or not so try to keep your mind busy and happy. Said a little prayer for you today - I hope today works into being a good day.

Anonymous said...

Venting is good so do what you gotta do. You will look back in a few days and wonder why you had to vent after you see how well all is going to turn out. Hang in will all get better. Hugs

Lourie said...

"Poor Me Syndrome" I must remember that. And I love the prickly tree. I have felt that way many times! Sorry about your glasses.

Joy For Your Journey said...

So sorry. I am glad you are able to vent as that always helps me. I read all the comments you have received and see you have some good advice there as well. I am not at all a patient person so waiting for anything drives me crazy. Hopefully you will hear soon and the news will be worth the wait.

As for your lesson . . .The more frustrated I get the more closed heaven seems. I do better in the early morning hours, or when I go for a walk or take a bath. Once I clear my mind and relax a bit, inspiration flows more readily.

Best wishes.

Jackie said...

Sue! I had four people tell me this week that they were glad it was raining because they were feeling gloomy! How ironic.

Must be the weather. A funk is in the air.

Hope you are feeling better. So sorry!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

It's midsummer madness which causes all types of strange behavior...

Go Todd!!!

Cherie said...

Ahhh Sue - We definately all have those Prickly days.
I think it's good to get it out!

Hope tomorrow is much better :D

Michelle said...

Ah, yes, sometimes venting is just what is needed.

Waiting is hard. That's what I have to say about that.

And as for poetry, I got a kick out of finding your name in a book I have (I think my mil gave it to me, as she is also featured in this book). It made me smile to see your name and to realize I would have had no clue before who you were, but now I do.

(And that sounded cheesy and weird, but you know what I mean.)

Hang in there. I hope you feel better soon.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well I vent to you all the time so honey you vent all you want and feel free to anytime.
I don't understand the waiting for the scores that long either. Waiting on anything will make me eat a whole bag of cookies.
I too feel like I am gaining weight and being short I have no room for any extra on this bod of mine.
Yeast is enough to make you climb that tree and jump off the top.
Hang in there because I need you

Jess said...

Waiting is hard, especially for something as important as MCAT scores. My advice, read a good book- that always does me good, and I can justify it by saying I'm keeping busy while waiting.

Terra said...

Come on over and visit me high atop my oak tree. It is not quite as prickly right now but each leaf bears a burden or two and until I can swing upside down with the wind in my hair it is wear you can find me these days (in my head anyway)

BECKY said...

Hi Sue!! Loved this! Isn't writing a wonderful, therapeutic way to vent?? And having a blog is such fun! I'm sorry for the reasons of your venting, but as your other friends have said, this too shall pass!

Momza said...

I hope by the time you read this,
you are feeling loved and happy!

Darlene said...

I loved Karen's advice to you. It was so good that I won't dare try to give you a whit of my advice. All I can say is that "this too shall pass"

Sorry about the yeast. That can be miserable. Don't you have anything you can take for this? It doesn't get better on its own.

I've had a busy two days. So haven't had time to even read your blog, but my house is clean and I've managed to have people to dinner two nights in a row. Keeping busy helps a lot of things. Excercise does it too. I am sending (in fact Dick tells me he aleady sent it} a wonderful aerobic pool series of exercises that if done will exercise every muscle in your body. Try it, but don't try to do thirty rotations all at once, start with just fifteen and go up five each week. It really does help me. I've also been walking my treadmill each morning and riding my stationary bike. I should be in pretty good shape when we get to the beach.

Just ME the MOM said...

I really dislike myself when the PM syndrome rolls along my way. I try to dig myself out quick before I really get going or I sink rapidly. Sometime I could like to vent through the blog but too many personal people read it, ward members, family, friends. But yours was so tastefully done and limited to just 7. I'm gonna remember it!


Amy said...

I am sure your lesson was beautiful. I hate days like that. I was a prickly tree on Thursday. It is not a fun feeling to have for you or for the people around. I hope you are feeling better now.

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