Saturday, August 13, 2016


©2016 susan noyes anderson

i cannot write
it's all gone wrong
my words elude me
like a song
 that i've sung 
many times before
and yet recall 
the tune no more

could be i'm rusty
like a spout
and need to flush
the rubble out
so please forgive me
while i free
my brain of
crappy poetry

if you can stand to
read the stuff
(admittedly, it
might be rough)
be sure, my friend
to let me know
when cool, clear poems
resume their flow

assignment: open link night

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Bodhirose said... this. I've done this before when I had no inspiration to write...I write about it. 😊

Gail said...

Absolutely perfect.

Joyful Noise said...

SO fun! Ha!

Joyful Noise said...

SO fun! Ha!

Grandma Honey said...

It's like a new beginning. Keep writing Sue. We all love it.

brudberg said...

Oh yes.. Sometimes we just have to write until the wayer's clean again... Love it,

The Bizza said...

Love the self-deprecating humor here. It seems that you're a natural at writing about not being able to write.

But we've all been there. I'm glad you continue to write.

yaya said...

I think we all need a bit of flushing at times. I'm not loving work right now but still have a few years to go. So I try to remember why I'm there and once I'm in the case I'm fine. I'm just finding it hard to leave the house and garden when the weather calls to me! So here's a hug from Ohio and I know you'll find your poetic voice after the rust is gone. However, I do love this poem!

Pondside said...

We all need to clear the pipes and refresh the channels of inspiration every now and again. I like your way of facing up to it!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, this was cool. I used to have this irrational fear, when I had writer's block or was not inspired, that I had written my last poem and would never write again. Kind of scary to think about.

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