Thursday, April 14, 2016

Love Is Patient; Love Is Kind

Feeling a little out of sorts last week, I wrote this poem to myself.
(I think it worked!)

©2016 Susan Noyes Anderson

When wells of love in me run dry,
and I no longer see
the cup of living water
kindness offers up to me;

When anger veils my tender view,
and shadows dim my soul;
When I feel cheated of my due,
and giving takes its toll;

When those around me seem to merit
naught but martyred sighs,
the answer is to look upon them
with our Savior's eyes.

My vision, through a darkened glass,
is blurred by shades of pride.
His charity, if I but ask,
will light me up inside.

Compassion is a gift of grace,
born in humility.
May I seek Christ in every face
and find His love in me.

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~T~ said...

May I, as well!

Anonymous said...

That is a quite nice poem.

Jim said...

This is a wonderful prayer poem to post, Sue. So true, so warming for a heart cooling. Or like a cup warmer for every warm hearted reader.
Thank you,

Karen Mortensen said...

Really nice Sue. Hope you are feeling better.

Pondside said...

I hope you are feeling well now, Sue. You latest poem is written to comfort and bolster. The first and last stanzas speak to me particularly. You have such a gift and many times I have been grateful for your generosity in sharing it.

Betty said...

Very nicely written. You have a special gift.

Grandma Honey said...

"May I seek Christ in every face" ....wouldn't that solve all the world's problems!

I hope you are doing better now Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely. I do hope you are feeling more yourself again.

yaya said...

Hope it's a bit better for you now. Your poem says how I've felt on many occasions and my Sister is going through some family difficulties now and I think she would enjoy this poem too. You know how to put feelings into words that touch many...take care Sue.

brudberg said...

This is lovely and I'm glad it worked... sometimes we need to write those poems of warmth to oneself.

Gail said...
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LeAnn said...

I think this will be one of my favorites because I can relate to exactually having the same feelings. You captured my thoughts on this one. We all have those moments but you seem to be able to describe it perfectly. It always comes down to looking outside ourselves.
Love and hugs for you dear friend!